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  1. M

    Floor Time Help

    Hi guys, so my wife and I habe had our guinea pigs for 4 months now and generally we have had no problems except a bit of dominance issues (typical boys). Now we like to get our boys out everyday for a few hours of playtime in their pen on the floor. We used to put lino down for them to run on...
  2. Lil3piggies

    New Mini Hutch For Downstairs Playpen!

    So I came home from work to find my boyfriend had made a mini hutch for downstairs playtime! It’s so cute! Thought I’d share! He even made it with the edge slightly raised so I can sweep any mess straight through and into the dustpan.. and specially made it so Artie can hide underneath as he...
  3. Piggiesxoxo

    Grazing On Sprayed Grass

    I don't know whether to graze my Guinea pigs on weed killer. It's been a couple months and lots of rain.
  4. court29x

    A Fun Way Of Bonding With Your Piggies!

    I thought this would be something good to do if you want play time with your piggies without getting wee/poo all over your floor and its ideal for someone with confined space. My boyfriend and I purchased a waterproof picnic blanket from Ebay only £7.99 and we place it on the bed and use our...
  5. coco&chanel

    Outdoor Run On Grass

    Hello, I have 2 pigs that live outside in a hutch. I let them into their run daily (weather permitting) with plenty of shade and tunnels/ houses etc. They have lots of safe grass to nibble on and food and water available. I was wondering how long I should leave them in their run for. Is there a...