1. T

    Blind in one eye

    So sadly my guinea pig pepper died just last week and now my other two(Precious and Bossy) both are having breathing problems. Eyes were perfectly fine yesterday but today I bring them their veggies and I notice something odd on Bossys eye and at first I only thing it’s a hair that got stuck. So...
  2. Cherrychops100

    Specialist Abscess on face - HELP

    Hi there, my guinea pig had a large lump on her face so we took her to the vet. She examined her and said that she had 2 abscesses, so cut them open to drain the puss and bacteria. She's on antibiotics and we're draining it with hibiscrub to try and squeeze everything out. However there is a...
  3. Lilaclemons

    Pus-draining advice

    Hello! I have a guinea pig of about 7-8 years who had recurring abscess growth on her neck. While we’ve tried our best to care for it, due to health risk and cost we’ve decided against testing. In the end, we’ve removed the abscess three times, and it continues to return to no avail, even with...
  4. E

    Bite Mark?

    Hi there, I keep four boys in a very large cage. Three stay together and have grown up together. They are very happy. I have a separation between them and a fourth older boy who has lived alone his whole life. They enjoy to kiss each other through the separation gate but I don’t plan on keeping...
  5. Bobalicious

    Removal Of Eye Post Op Advice

    Hi, Just after a bit of advice if possible please. In January I bought two boar guinea pigs from pets at home, 2 weeks after having them one of my guinea pigs developed a nasty eye infection and it resulted in him having his eye removed late January. He lost a lot of weight (went down to 580...