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Bite Mark?


New Born Pup
Mar 1, 2019
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Hi there, I keep four boys in a very large cage. Three stay together and have grown up together. They are very happy. I have a separation between them and a fourth older boy who has lived alone his whole life. They enjoy to kiss each other through the separation gate but I don’t plan on keeping them all together ever, just allowing them to see each other through the separation gate. They have more than enough space. Today my worst nightmare happened though and they managed to ram themselves through the separation gate and get themselves on each of their sides. It is a c and c gate with zip ties, but they still managed it. My old man had an obvious bite mark on his rear end but they were all cuddling thankfully. I re-separated them and took the appropriate action to care for the bite which was very superficial. On further examination I found this on his left check. It doesn’t look like a bite and looks like pus? Is it possible this is just a bite or something worse?112052112053
Before this he has had MINIMAL hair falling out in very small chunk. It looks like a small chunk of skin with hair attached. His vet said this is okay and it’s probably just stress from being in new house/ having the vet drain a cyst that his old family did not take care of. His health has been fine.


@ericadkirk It looks like a bite mark that has become infected to me. It will need to be cleaned and he will need antibiotics from the vet.