1. Paetwood


    So after the loss of my Panic, I got my guinea Fleetwood a new cage mate, we quarantined her for about a week and then went to the vet and got an all clear. We introduced over 3 days of holding them both, but not caving them together. Yesterday my dad was holding both of them and said Fleetwood...
  2. E

    Bite Mark?

    Hi there, I keep four boys in a very large cage. Three stay together and have grown up together. They are very happy. I have a separation between them and a fourth older boy who has lived alone his whole life. They enjoy to kiss each other through the separation gate but I don’t plan on keeping...
  3. P

    Bite wound help

    Hi I have two sows pearl and Mabel. They get on pretty well normally but about a week ago Mabel bit pearl on the back (I have solved the fighting issue, it was due to only having one door in their hidey). I bathed the wound and left it to heal but pearl keep scratching and biting at it knocking...
  4. Tinychels

    Boar bit in the nostil

    Hello! My boyfriend, Jesse, just recently bought a new piggy, named him Bambi. Jesse originally has 3 boars: the oldest is Cocoa, then comes Jorgi, and Cocoa’s son Niko. He tried introducing Bambi in a neutral area with the 3 boars, however also immediately Bambi and Cocoa started teeth...
  5. V

    Guinea pig biting at scab?

    Hi all, My guinea pig had surgery about 4 weeks ago on a tumour that the vet thought was an abscess. Once they opened up the lump on her rear, they obviously found out that it was a tumour, and so they simply closed it right back up again. We noticed that she was messing about with her scar for...
  6. ChubbyCarrots

    My 2 year old bit me!

    Coco has always been so tame and and rarely bites. I don’t even remember the last time he bit me, but today he bit my 3 times! All 3 were bad bites too, 2 left me bleeding and one left a mark. Should I be worried please?
  7. RachyH

    Cut/bite - Advice Please

    One of my piggies has two cuts on his back. I caught his ‘brother’ on his back last week and think this may be the result. After speaking to someone at Pets at Home, I’ve put some coconut oil on it but I was wondering if anyone else’s piggies have had anything similar and if so, what would you...
  8. 2Pigs2Many

    Boar Conflict.

    Hey guys! I've been under some great stress over my 2 babies and I need your opinion/help. Please bare with me, this will be long but I wanted to give as much information as I could to get better help. I got the brothers, Smores and Teddy, when they were just babies, now they are a little...
  9. Cavy Kung-Fu

    Have Some Teeth! Bitey Boy.

    So with all my efforts to get Iggy better and loving him unconditionally, he's decided to thank me by biting me :)) I know when Bella was young she went through this phase. She came out of it fairly quickly and I did the normal "I'm the boss but I love you" guinea pig dominance techniques which...
  10. AdamFrench

    Ear Biting

    I'm looking for a bit of advice please.. Our two sows were bonded a couple of months ago following the loss of both their companions. One very dominant and the other quite placid and this has been clear since they were bonded. No major issues other than ensuring the hierarchy is still settled...
  11. G

    My Guinea Pig Keeps Biting Her Wound?

    I have a sow who developed a bent foot at an early age due to wired flooring (from the previous owner). Earlier today, I noticed she was bleeding on her bent foot with it being very swollen - like a small marble stuck in her skin. I cleaned up her wound with water and compressed it to stop the...
  12. Keiko The Pig

    Help! Dog Bite

    Please I'm here looking for advice not criticism! I have 2 male guinea pigs who turned 1 just last week. They are my only pets and therefore live in their cage on the floor. This week my parents agreed to dog sit a dog we've known and watched over since he was a puppy. In the 10 seconds it took...
  13. Bekialice

    Wilma...again/vampire Bite?

    Hiya, Wilma is nearly 6 and she seems to be bouncing from problem to problem at the moment. She was a bit off her food this morning, still eating and having a good go at a lettuce leaf. But she wasn't as excited to get it and she didn't want a leaf of spinach (her favourite treat). She was...
  14. Erica94

    Very Nippy Young Pig

    My pig is not quite a year old, and has recently (the past few months) developed a nipping habit when she is picked up and held for lap time. Otherwise she's very social and sweet, and loves being petted frequently in her cage. In your lap she seems relaxed and happy with her feet kicked out...
  15. D

    Trio Of Boars Has Resulted In An Injury!

    Hi everyone, I'm new to these forums and to boars in general! I've owned 4 females in the past and they all got along well with each other, but just today I discovered several shallow bite wounds on the rump and side of one of my boys. I feel horrible as they appear to be a few days old (dry...