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My Guinea Pig Keeps Biting Her Wound?

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May 16, 2017
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I have a sow who developed a bent foot at an early age due to wired flooring (from the previous owner). Earlier today, I noticed she was bleeding on her bent foot with it being very swollen - like a small marble stuck in her skin. I cleaned up her wound with water and compressed it to stop the bleeding and an hour later, I saw her biting her wound, which made blood come out.

While cleaning her wound, I noticed that it wasn't a gash - it was a bunch of tiny holes in a certain area. Sort of like bite marks.

I should mention that she gave birth 2 weeks ago so I can't isolate her from her pups yet. Also, she's been losing a bit of hair, but I'm assuming it's from postpartum stress.

I would love to take her to the vet, but I live in the Philippines and vet clinics are very scarce - let alone guinea pig specialists.

I don't know what to do with her. How do I make her stop biting her wound? Will she die if she doesn't receive medical attention?


She's very likely biting herself as she's in pain @guinea_grin . She needs to be prescribed pain relief and the vet will confirm whether the wound is infected and if so prescribe antibiotics.

There's nothing you can do to cure this, as it needs a vet diagnosis but in the meantime you will need to keep the cage and wound clear and free from any dirt.

If she is "just" in pain she will continue to bite herself until she either removes her foot or causes an infection. And if it is an infection it won't go away without antibiotics, so unfortunately she will die without medical intervention.
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