1. Peppa+Delilah

    Help for Peppa

    Hi guinea pig owners, I'm brand new to the guinea pig world but am already currently obsessed with my two girls and love to spend as much time with them, reading up about them and just trying to improve their life as much as possible... However tonight after doing the girls weekly checks I've...
  2. G

    Medical advice for eye injury.

    This pig was attacked by her sister and bit around her eye. Does anyone have any medical advice? Does it look serious enough to take her to the vet? Is there anything we could do to prevent an infection? Please help! (Note: the wound did seem to scab although she is itching at it and she does...
  3. Lola_Little_Piggie

    Can someone please help? - Very sore skin problem near eye

    Hello. I am David and i have a little Guinea pig. She is a female, about 3 months old and we have her since she was 2 months old. We were with her at a vet but the vet didnt give us any real answers. For the last 2 weeks i tried my best to take care but to no succes. I put the photo of what she...
  4. Jesse's pigs


    what can be the causes of bloat becuase Steve keeps getting episodes of it and I feel like a crappy pig mum right now. As you know today I bonded him with his new bro and he’s still moving around etc up there pooping (albeit smaller poos),but sounds like a water balloon when I pick him up again😢...
  5. Suki&Indie

    Extreme gas

    Hi all! I have a 5 year old piggy who I recently noticed had a bit of a bulge, of course brought her straight to the vet panicking it was a tumour and was told to see how her weight goes and call back. Her weight continued to drop (about 20g a week) so I went back. She’s currently in the vets...
  6. PeachyJuli

    4 year old guinea pig lack of pooping, shaking when walking and weight loss, is this it?

    Hello, I'm posting this to seek some sort of help or consolation... I think my guinea pig's dying. I wish I could take my guinea pig to the vet however my family and I are lacking in funds and my family are not very optimistic for my little guy, for reference I'm in high school and don't really...
  7. N


    Hey! I have recently bought a guinea pig and he’s doing pretty well. Very bubbly and gets along well with his cage mates. I have noticed something, he often purrs like a cat. Do they always do that?
  8. N


    Hello! I got a male-female guinea pig pair and the male one passed away recently. Now this got me thinking, I do not want her to be lonely so I’m thinking of getting her new buddies. Is it okay for me to buy an female-female pair? If I did, I would have 3 female guinea pigs. Can they live like...
  9. N

    Help :(

    Hello, I am a new guinea pig owner. I own two lovely guinea pigs and they’ve been with me for about 4 days. I just want to ask if there’s anything wrong with my guinea pig, his name is Fundy and he’s only a month old. Ever since the day started he hasn’t been his usual bubbly and clingy self...
  10. M

    Abandoned mice-please help

    Hi everyone I am a new member but regularly come to this forum for piggie advice and you guys are so friendly and helpful so I need your help! A strange thing happened this evening. I went for a Sunday evening walk when I saw someone get out their car and put a cardboard box on the ground near...
  11. T

    Help - eye pokes

    So I have 2 girls 2 boys yesterday mini (white and Carmel) looked like she had hay stuck in her eye it looked like how it does now so at first I though that the hay was the issue but today I noticed that mama (black and white) also now had the same thing help I don’t know what I did or what to...
  12. C.Courtney0310

    Guinea Pig Ear Infection

    I really need help. I have no idea what to do. My guinea pig, Eeevee, has an inner ear infection and the vet gave her an injection of oxytetracycline and said she should be better in a couple days. It's been two days since then and she doesn't seem better and now has diarrhea as well. Throughout...
  13. B

    Thinking of rehoming

    Hi, me and my boyfriend bought 3 guinea pigs just over a year ago. We’ve tried everything to bond with the guinea pigs, and they seem terrified of us, apart from feeding times, we can’t pet or hold them which makes daily tasks not only difficult but stressful for both myself and the 3 little...
  14. Jesse's pigs

    Help with a cage stand please

    So I’ve got a tonne of grids ready to build a C and C cage for my two boys- well two cages actually as they’ve decided they want to kill each other. I now need a stand (long and wide tho not super wide) that the cage can go on. Ideally I’m thinking one that has space underneath for another cage...
  15. T

    Lice help?

    Hiya, Unfortunately I'm back with more (different) skin issues. I noticed some tiny white worm-looking things moving in my guineas fur - I think they're lice, but will get them checked by a vet to be sure and get treatment for them. I have noticed them scratching a bit, but no...
  16. A

    Penis portruding?

    My male guinea pig seems to have his penis stuck outside of his body. I've tried recommendations like cold packs, cleaning it out and massaging it back in but it just pops back out. It looks red and swollen, I'm not sure what else to do.
  17. Emilymaexx

    Guinea Pigs Won’t Leave Cage

    Hi! So, I have had my guinea pigs for 3 years now. For the first year and a half of having them I had carpet in my bedroom. The Guineas absolutely loved floor time and would squeak to be let out for floor time. Since I have changed to laminate flooring (due to the amount of floor time the pigs...
  18. C.Courtney0310

    Guinea Pig Eating Baseboards

    Hi everyone I just caught my guinea pig eating the baseboards while having floor time. I haven't been able to get them a pen yet(hopefully next week) and usually just watch them in my room since its small. The house was just repainted and everything before I moved in(about 6 months ago) so I...
  19. C

    Guinea pig eye shut

    So my one guinea pig will not open his one eye. I'm not sure what could've happened. He is also squeaking quite a bit. Does anyone know anything that could be wrong or have any advice for me? (He is 4 months old btw)
  20. C.Courtney0310

    Guinea Pig Weight

    Hi everyone I just got my guinea pigs a little over a week ago from PetCo and was not told the age of them. They seem very healthy and eat/drink enough, but when I weighed them they were about 330gs. Does anyone know if theyre underweight of just young? Please help I'm scared if they will die :(...