1. P

    Spurs or Bumblefoot?

    Hello, I am new to this forum, but I have had guinea pigs for most of my life. One of my piggies has a spur on her front foot (no big deal), however today I noticed a bump on her other front foot. Does it look like bumblefoot? She has black spots on her pads and it makes it difficult.
  2. cupcake0x

    Territorial over food?

    Hi, any help would be so appreciated. I have 2 females, Biscuit was adopted and is at least 2 years old (actual age unknown) and one new addition that we got 2 days ago, Piglet - she’s a baby. :love: We did an introduction and all was really smooth. Biscuit seemed to take Piglet under her wing...
  3. meatloaf

    Emergency Blood in poop, help needed

    Hi there, I just joined this forum to see if I could get any opinions on what is wrong with Meatloaf. She's about 5 1/2 years old and last week we noticed blood in her cage. Originally we thought it was a UTI because it seemed like it was in her pee, but the next day it looked like it was coming...
  4. O

    new guinea pigs: how am i doing? anything i should know?

    hi all :) i bought my 6 week old guinea pigs yesterday from a pet store (i couldn't find a rescue near me). one is crested (crystal) and the other is an american (lulu), i was told they are girls. they're currently living in a 2x5 c&c cage with a corflute liner. i've also lined the corflute with...
  5. Kirbs

    what do i do?

    Ok, so basically I have 2 boars that live great together and then 3 that are alone (different cages). Howard used to live with the other 2 but was unfortunately bullied and we separated him in August when he was around 4 months. Mr Muffin and Blueberry were adopted by us when they were around 6...
  6. Makaiobaby

    Help! What is on my guinea pigs nose?

    Last night I found this strange patch on my guinea pigs nose. I can’t seem to get a good picture of it but it’s a small hard patch that just seems like matted fur but why is it there?
  7. D

    Tiny poops?

    Mainly since yesterday I’ve noticed that my piggy is producing really tiny poops. His normal poops are at leat 3-4x bigger... (see the images, I put a nugget of Burgess next to it for comparison). I’m monitoring his food and hay intake, and his appetite has seemed to reduce a little bit, but...
  8. T


    My guinea pig had a hole under his chin. It keeps leaking pus with a bad odor and scabbing. I cant afford a vet visit right now and i’m not sure what to do. it won’t go away and i’m not sure how to clean it or make it heal. Please help! Any answers are appreciated.
  9. Guptheguineapig

    Guinea pig eye closing

    Good evening/night to everyone. My lovely little pig, Tippy, who has a history or middle and now inner ear infections has recently been having her left eye closing/squinting. Her eye appears as if someone is close to her eye and the reflex is to close it, except that its permanently in this...
  10. Simma

    Bloat? A new piggie owner...

    My sister got two Guinea pigs for birthday last month. They are both females. She got them from I would call it a breeder. And I think they never ever been at vet in their life. Tily (the older one) is 6 months old and Kiwi (the smaller one) is 3 months old. I was told Tily had babies before...
  11. I'm not sure

    Can i ask for advise

    I've had Guinea pigs my hole life and they've always been little rugby balls but one of me three Guinea pigs is quite skinny. He is a happy little chap and gets along with his brothers I try to feed him separately when I can but he just hardly eats. You can feel his spine and legs and is just a...
  12. D

    Dark ear gunk?

    On Tuesday, we got two little 6 weeks old boars from pets at home. We have noticed a very very slight head tilt on Boris, so we decided to check his ears. When we used a cotton bud to check it, it came out as a really dark brown coloured substance. When we checked the other ear, it was a bit...
  13. Nstheboss

    Burst abcess on guinea pig jaw

    Hi, I'm looking for a final opinion before I have my Guinea pig put to sleep. About a month ago I noticed a small lump on her jaw, prior to this she had lost weight and had been off her food. I took her to an exotic vet who told me that it is a jaw abcess that requires surgery which will cost a...
  14. Jesse's pigs

    Loss of appetite

    So if you saw my last thread about Steve's eye, he saw a vet and was given the OK. Infact it's yet again returned to normal. However upon waking up the smorning for work (4am yay) and replenishing hay and offering a morning Vege, Steve isn't eating. Albeit I'm getting ready and have to leave...
  15. D

    Do my boys need separating?

    I have a 1.5 year old boar Benio, who was bonded with little Ozzie who is now around 4- 5 months. They were bonded when Ozzie was about 6 weeks, and seem to get on fine, with some typical dominance behaviour going on. Since the start, Benio was the dominant pig, with Ozzie usually making...
  16. Cherrychops100

    Specialist Abscess on face - HELP

    Hi there, my guinea pig had a large lump on her face so we took her to the vet. She examined her and said that she had 2 abscesses, so cut them open to drain the puss and bacteria. She's on antibiotics and we're draining it with hibiscrub to try and squeeze everything out. However there is a...
  17. D

    High protein in urine?

    I bought some of those at home urinalysis dip sticks when we had a UTI scare with one of my boys. Since then, I have periodically been testing their urine for any abnormalities. Over the past few weeks, I have realised that the result seems to come up with high protein content (but nothing...
  18. minnie-bonnie

    Lump in guinea pigs eye! Advice?

    So my 1 year old piggy has had this growing lump in her eye which I didn’t take seriously until now because I didn’t notice it before. A few months ago before I discovered it , it was quite small and just didn’t look serious and I thought nothing of it but now, I can see her eye looks like she’s...
  19. RoxyGuineaPigLover

    Reddish pinkish pee?

    So I took my pigs out, they played, normal stuff; but when I went to go pick them up I found this on the floor. I’m pretty sure that it’s pee because no one goes on the playpen with food. I don’t know who’s pee it is, but should we take them to the vet?
  20. Paetwood

    Respiratory issues?

    So Fleetwood lost a decent amount of wieght around 2 weeks ago, and I was already tot and her to the vet, but she stopped losing weight. She hasn’t gained it back yet, but I thought maybe she’s just growing. And she acted fine. About 2 days ago I noticed whenever she saw me she started wheeking...