1. N

    white stuff on eye?

    gelato, my guinea pig, was cleaning herself. after she was done, there was white residue on her eye. i looked it up and it said that it’s what they use to clean themselves. is this true? i’m worried :(
  2. K

    Randomly biting at the New Guinea

    Hello, I recently got a new 5 week old guinea pig(cricket) and I already had a 6 month old (Poppy), I have introduced them in a neutral setting. Poppy has nipped at her, never hard enough to draw blood. She did it when she would try to take her food or go by her butt area. Poppy has started...
  3. G

    New owner desperate for help.

    Hi everyone. I just recently adopted (three days ago) two piggies. The previous owner had no information on them and their living conditions were not very good. From what I could tell these are two boys. One is quite a bit bigger than the other and seems to always bully the smaller one...
  4. J

    Any ideas anyone?

    Hi, I've not long joined the Guinea Forum but have read it a lot before for advice. I trust this forum and need some advice from experienced guinea owners as my poor Marcus has been passed from vet to vet (in the same practice) as they can't find the problem. Three weeks ago during a general...
  5. C

    Bullying behaviour!

    Hello I’m new to this website! I have a big issue at the moment with my 3 boars. At the start they were all together in the same cage from babies. 2 of the boars (buzz and woody) were bought for my little brother and the last boar (bullseye) was bought for a family friend. Our two bonded...
  6. Helloo

    Bleeding from bottom. Help asap!

    So my I noticed small amount of blood coming at my guinea pigs bottom. There were only few drops and she doesn't bleed anymore. She's acting normal and doesn't show any signs of pain and she's peeing normally and I also checked if she had any tumors or cysts but I couldn't find anything. So it...
  7. Timmy&Nugget

    Help: My mum won’t let me take proper care of my guinea pigs. Y

    Hello, Basically (as I have said in the title), my mum won’t allow me to provide better care. for my guinea pigs. I’m not allowed to give them hay each day, I can’t clean them put when I want to or cut their nails, I can’t let them out of their cage all the time and worst of all I cannot not...
  8. S

    +7 Month Old Male Pig Peeing Blood!

    I have a boar and he’s started peeing blood as recently as two days ago! I’m worrying for him, especially because my parents don’t see it as too big an issue/ won’t take him to a vet. I don’t know his chances of being fine without medical consultation and I can’t convince them to schedule an...
  9. S

    Skittish Guinea Pig Help

    Hello! I'm new to the forum, and I'm Brazilian btw, so sorry if my English is bad! But I really need help. So, I have a piggie called Stark, and i got him from a past of a very traumatic home, wich he had to stay with 10 other piggies, in a very small cage, with one water bottle and one food...
  10. Livvysquish

    Bonding baby sow ❤

    So, I rescued a baby sow who is about 6 weeks old, the mum passed and it's herd separated. I have 4 older sow piggies. 2 are 6 months old and the other two 3 months old. This was fully unplanned and I only knew on the day when I found her and had to rescue her. I have put her in a cage right...
  11. V

    Two Boars Fighting

    I have had two make guinea pigs (Bear and Conker) for over 2 years and they have never had any major issues. They have nipped at each others ears before but never drawn blood. Earlier today they got into a bit of a scramble over a raspberry as they both wanted it, neither of them got hurt...
  12. F

    Guinea Pigs Eye

    Hello All :) I’m hoping someone may be able to help me a little with one of my male Guinea pigs. I have noticed one of his eyes has become very weepy over the last week or so but seemed tocome and go with no other problems. Today however I’ve noticed that it’s become a lot worse and the...
  13. G

    Late' is limping and i cant go to a vet. Will she die of stress

    Hi guys SO i Got my new guinea pigs and one of them is limping on her left back foot i dont know what to do and i cant currently go to a vet. Is there a way to help her
  14. Piggymum22

    Please help!

    Emergency please help 🙉 So after 2 years of owning boars this has never once happened to me and thought it was some kind of myth, my poor little boar has fallen victim to a dreaded glue incident 🤦‍♀️😭 Went to bed last night and piggies were absolutely fine, woke up this morning and they seem to...
  15. mytwomaleguineas

    Help! Blind guinea pig?

    What do I do? My guinea pig was fine yesterday but today cookie is scared to come out of his cage to his playpen. I thought it could be sound but walnut was perfectly fine. Cookie on the other hand has very watery eyes. Walnut has normal eyes. But I don’t think it’s pain because cookie keeps...
  16. D

    Help! My new guinea pig worries me!

    Hi, I recently got my first pet a new guinea pig (pocket), last Thursday. A person in my neighborhood was giving him away because his new guinea pig wasn't getting along with this one. Pocket was slowly opening up and at the beginning wasn't eating but is now eating well. I have a few things to...
  17. Jesse's pigs

    Weight drop

    Hi, I’ve started weighing my piggies weekly this year (I did weigh them in the past but this year I have done it religiously each week). Now, I know they fluctuate and I’m used to seeing them raise and drop a few grams here and there, but Bellamy has dropped a bit more than usual and I don’t...
  18. E

    Guinea Pig sounds

    hey guys I just got a guinea pig like 3 months ago and I'm wondering what kind of sound is my pig making? here is the link to that sound I hope you reply guys
  19. S

    URI? Help?

    My sister called me worried about her guinea pig late tonight. He has runny/crusty nose, runny eyes that look like a white discharge and he is mouth breathing with clicking sounds. He also peed an orangish red color I can’t call the vet till morning and I’m worried about him! He is eating but...
  20. Gemm24

    Tiger, my heart is broken

    Hi everyone My baby Tiger has just turned 4 years 2 months and on Sunday evening she started with laboured breathing. She is spending her second night in critical care with oxygen at the vets but I have been told she has a mass near her kidney but she is too sick to do investigations. She is...