1. RoxyGuineaPigLover

    New Cage For Piggies :)

    Okay so I think I found a cage that will work but I don’t trust myself so can the pig experts here tell me if this cage looks okay for two guinea pigs (who get along not as well I hoped they would yet sometimes manage)? It looks divided to me but can someone make sure? ;-; Thank you! <3
  2. A

    Baby guinea pigs eaten bulb leaves

    Hello, my two baby guinea pigs have eaten about a 1.5cm squared piece of bulb leaf. They are this together, so it would be less for each one. Please help, will they be okay?
  3. Anastasia_GPM.

    Runny eyes

    Hey! So I got my second guinea pig a couple of months ago, and her eyes are very wide.... idk how else to describe them. You can see the white in her eyes and where she's looking. It's adorable. I noticed that her eyes always seem to be a little moist. Like, the area around them too. I didn't...
  4. D

    Help! My female guinea pigs won’t stop fighting

    Hi, I am a guinea pig owner since six years back when I bought my two first piggies, who were sisters. One fell terribly ill when they were only about two years old and we had to put her away. To give our remaining piggy a friend we bought a new one who was only a couple weeks old and also a...
  5. D

    Guinea pig savvy vet in LEEDS?

    I’m a little worried about my young boar, as he has been intermittently squeaking whilst pooping (only when he bends over to eat it), and I am wanting to get him checked out as I have read that this could be a sign of bladder issues. Has anyone got any recommendations for a good vet in Leeds...
  6. xmegj_96x

    Help with Zithromax dosing and URI

    Hi, firstly I'd just like to say that i've been using this forum for help for many years but have only just made an account to make my first thread as usually I am able to find the info I need from others but I am now in a bit of a tricky situation and I'm not sure where else might be able to...
  7. Jesse's pigs

    Suspected bumblefoot

    I returned home from a week's holiday yesterday (six hour drive 😭) and my two hooligans stayed with a friend as opposed to my nan after their recent hay poke adventures (my nan can't see if anything is in/near the eye). And I cannot fault how she's looked after them. Both look happy and if I'm...
  8. G

    Edema In Guinea Pig

    My guinea pig has major fluid retention under its chin and its "armpits ".The vet gave him a diuretic, heart medication, and a supplement(vitamins and amino acid). Please help if u have any more information. I thought he was only gaining weight. When he stopped eating we took him to the vet. He...
  9. SydneySharkk

    Emergency Guinea pig is skin and bones

    (She’s supposedly 2 years old, she’s been eating, but she seems to be eating less and less. She gave birth to a baby two months ago, her names Xiao-Xiao) I noticed a little less than a week ago that my one guinea pig apparently lost a lot of weight. I don’t have any kind of scale here so I’m...
  10. RoxyGuineaPigLover

    New and Bigger Cage...?

    Hi! My guinea sort of get along and I was thinking about getting a new bigger cage. To make things more clear, I got Candy, and then a few months later I got Holly. We put Holly in Candy’s cage just like the sales lady told us to do. She was wrong. Candy chased her around and hated her. Now (a...
  11. C

    Hay poke causing damaged eye

    Hello all, one of my guinea pigs who is 2 had a sunken eye which didn’t quite look right - took him to the vets turns out a sharp piece of hay has damaged his eye ☹️ he recommended we use paper bedding like what they sell for hamsters. However in the stores around by me I have only ever seen...
  12. KaylaT4403

    Help! I’m really concerned!

    My Guinean pig Luna has been very off as of yesterday. She hasn’t come out, she stays in her bed and I don’t know if she’s eaten or drank anything. I fed her a few pieces of hay but she wouldn’t eat the pellets or lettuce. She’s breathing heavily to where you she see her stomach area move. She...
  13. P

    Fast breathing?

    My guinea pigs both have URIs which are getting treated with Baytril, but about two days ago i noticed my guinea pig (one of the two) had begun breathing quite quickly (her sides were going in and out pretty rapidly). She's still eating and being active, but it's kind of worrying me. You could...
  14. G

    Soft Stool/Poop

    Hi. I have two boars (Carmel and Patches) they get along fine. About a week ago I took them off veggies because of their white pee and soft poop. It was probably more than a week by now though. Right now they’re on a diet of hay, pellets, and fresh water. The soft poop has been going on...
  15. P

    Naming my boys 💛

    Hello, I’m new to this page💫 So I’ve owned quite a few piggies, but currently I have two females, Poppy and panda💛 and for the last week or so I’ve been looking after two boys pigs and they were one of my neighbours and they were neglected and not living the best life😢 so after a bit of...
  16. raynarem

    scared guinea pig

    hi! i’m not sure what category this would go under, but i guess it deals with my guinea pigs behavior. the fourth of july is only in 2 days, and i’m worried about my pig getting scared. he’s not phased by thunder storms from what i’ve seen, but i know it’s common for them to be scared by the...
  17. jenibee

    Hay in back of eye?

    Today morning I saw my guinea pig had a small piece of hay in his eye and as I tried to get it out but it just seemed to have gone on further into it. When I look at it now there isn't any sign of it so I'm not really sure whether it fell off or not. He's not squinting or anything right now and...
  18. Gemm

    Lost teeth please advise

    Hi My guinea pig Alvin has lost both bottom incisors. Last year he had an abscess under his jaw which was successfully treated. Then a month ago lost his left lower incisor. I took him to the vet who said it is probably due to the trauma of the abscess (and also he likes to move around the...
  19. bex's gpigs

    Eye operation: homemade cone

    Hi there I went to see an AMAZING vet today who is operating on Clover as she has damaged her eye and it has now become infected which was caused the back of the eye to leak in to the front. She’s having her operation Monday and the vet advised to have an cone as she will likely scratch and...
  20. G

    Picky Eater! Help!

    Hi. I have two boars. Patches (older) and Carmal (younger). Carmal is good about eating his veggies, but his favorite is green beans. Patches on the other, is a very picky eater. He will only eat green beans, and, if I’m lucky, corn. This is probably partially my fault. This is my first time...