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  1. rblily

    Guinea Pig isn't scared of anything?

    Hi all, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about this personality trait at all haha! But, ever since I got my trio of Guinea Pigs, a neutered boar (around 3yo) and two sows (around 2yo), the girls have been petrified, hiding constantly, and only have just started to come out of their shell...
  2. ManicPiggieDreamGirl

    Happy five years!

    I got to celebrate my five year gotcha day with Elevensies last week. I got her from a shelter where the staff told me she was about three at the time, so I can only guess at how old this queen is. I feel so blessed every day we get to spend together. Five years ago she didn’t like any people...
  3. Suki&Indie

    Ideas for lowing calcium?

    Hi all! I feel I’ve posted so many threads on here but my piggies decided that they all needed the vet at the same time! Sorry in advance this is a longgg post My biggest issue is my 4/5yr old sow - about two months ago she started leaking urine and was diagnosed with a UTI and given baytril...
  4. cocofudgecookie

    We have a neck snuggler!

    Apologies for my huge face in these photos (had to crop so the file could be attached) This is 10 week old Fudge (I'm not sure if she's a bit older), I got her and her "sister" Coco last Saturday. She loves my snoodie and will either hide in the crease of my elbow or under my hair, under my...
  5. Suki&Indie

    Urine Scald after UTI

    Hi all! The past month has been a bit crazy as my 5yr old female suddenly got a very bad UTI. We did our best to keep her clean during the UTI but she still seems to have urine scald, her genitals seem to be very swollen though which I’m not sure if that’s normal - she did lose quite a bit of...
  6. L

    Yellow Stuff?

    Hey, I’ve had this sow for around 3 1/2 years. I’ve noticed this yellow hard stuff near her rear end and thought maybe just an over active grease gland and am gonna give her a bath once I can get the proper shampoo(in a weekish) but now it’s on her nose as well? She also is biting me very hard...
  7. F

    New companion after loss advice

    Hello, I'm new to posting though I've found this forum useful many times so thank you all... Sadly we lost one of our beautiful guinea pigs yesterday and she leaves behind her life companion (4.5 years). She appears to still be eating so not dangerously affected luckily, but we don't want her to...
  8. Fiona1987

    Bonding two Sows

    Good evening everyone 🙂, Hopefully someone can shed some light on if this behaviour is establishing hierarchy or if it’s fighting/ unable to bond. One of my Guinea boars passed away a couple weeks ago which left my one sow pretty lonely and she was obviously missing him. I was lucky to have...
  9. mochalily2020

    Is this a normal vagina ?

    Hey everyone, Sorry for the name of the thread but I wasnt sure what to call it.. my 5.5 year old sow has been getting sniffed a lot by her cage mates so I checked her out and I wanted to see if this pinkness is normal for her? For reference she is spayed after having had tumors but that was 2...
  10. Shaivy

    Pee color

    Guys I am a bit unsure if my piggie’s pee color is normal or not. it seems pinkish. She is otherwise fine Is this fine color. I did feed her some tomato pieces so not sure if it is coz of that.
  11. jennag446

    Diarrhea after syringe feeding

    Does anyone know what I should do? My piggie was diagnosed with GI Stasis on Sunday (5 days ago), and we’ve been syringe feeding her three times a day since (it was recommended by the vet). Yesterday and today, she’s had green diarrhea, which is the color of the liquids she’s been getting. It’s...
  12. thepiggies

    Big guinea pig?

    I have a herd of 4 - one neutered boar and three sows. I recently noticed 1 year old, Athena, getting bigger. At first I was scared of pregnancy, but I’ve checked many times, and am positive everyone besides Bunny (the neutered boar) is female. My next thought was bloating, however when I felt...
  13. Shaivy

    Dirty nose

    Hi guys. so I just noticed my female Guinea has black stuff inside her nose which I cleaned and It came out easily. she doesn’t have a runny nose but this black stuff comes up again and again and I am not sure what’s it. I have attached a photo of the nose which can help to understand it...
  14. E

    Mushroom, Marmalade, Cheddar and Chickpea

    My 4 beautiful 4 month old girlies. Safe to say I am o b s e s s e d.
  15. Shaivy

    Diagnosis of Mammary inflammation and biopsy questions

    Hi guys, my female guinea pig was recently diagnosed with mammary inflammation, she has a swollen blue nipple which was bleeding as well. the vet said it's not a tumor and he seemed pretty confident about it.He also did an FNAC to confirm if its a tumor or not.......... So, is there anyone whose...
  16. E

    Hormonal babies? Please help!

    Hi! I'm super worried about one of my 4 sows, I have had them for about a month and a half now and they're roughly 3 months old. They have settled so well and 3 of which are eating out of my hand! The other one who is a little more shy still hasn't eaten out of my hand and is the one I am...
  17. dabel101

    Sow Mounting

    Hello, i have three sow guinea pigs, two 9 month olds and a 5 month old. I have had the two 9 month old sows for almost seven months now. I had to re-bond them as i was given a pregnant sow, Doris, at first and she was separated when having her babies. The bonding went well overall, they are...
  18. Hannahb2804

    Sow behaviour

    Had two sows for roughly three weeks now and when they arrived Dougal was rumble strutting constantly and Luna was squeaking, then it stopped after a while and Luna was on heat so she began doing the same and trying to mount Dougal and then this stopped. All has been fine for a week or more...
  19. S

    A question on sow seasons.

    Just a quick one really, I have been reading through the guidance for seasons, dominance and ovarian cysts but I just wanted some confirmation really that I’m thinking along the right lines. This is my first experience with hormonal girls, as my first piggy was an older lady when we adopted...
  20. GeorgiaHarris

    Mucus in urine

    I’ve had my 2 month old skinny pig sow out for lap time and I’ve just noticed that after she urinated there was some mucus attached to her genitals. Her urine looks completely normal and there is no mucus in her urine it’s just attached to her afterwards. I wiped it off, the first bit was...