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  1. P

    Guinea Pig bleeding from mouth

    My guinea pig's bleeding from her mouth. I think she can still eat hay and pellets, but she'll sometimes react when she drinks water and it gets into her wound. She's got an injury to the left of her mouth and I think it's not bleeding anymore. I'm gonna bring her to the vet, but it'll be...
  2. L

    Cleaning Out a Sebaceous Cyst

    Hi all, My 6 year old guinea pig Luna has had a lump under her chin for around 2 years. It was completely stable and never grew however over a week it double in size and became scabby on the top. I took her to the vet who prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatories and told me to keep it...
  3. Diana85

    Plucking Cagemates' hairs

    I own 2 females and have always lived together since i got them 3 years ago, recently Piggy had to have surgery to remove a sebaceous cyst just under her ear, following the surgery she developed a UTI so was on antibiotics, both of those things really impacted her so she was pretty much not...
  4. G

    Medical advice for eye injury.

    This pig was attacked by her sister and bit around her eye. Does anyone have any medical advice? Does it look serious enough to take her to the vet? Is there anything we could do to prevent an infection? Please help! (Note: the wound did seem to scab although she is itching at it and she does...
  5. MeganSambrook

    Mites? Open Wound

    Hello, I’m new to the forum so I hope I am posting in the correct place. We’ve recently adopted a guineapig who we were told is 8 months old and had been attacked by a female guineapig in his cage. He has a superficial wound on his back which unfortunately he can reach with his back leg. He also...
  6. Charlottibiscot

    Bald dry spot below ear

    This is Mabel, she is 4 months old and lives with her sister, Hoggy. Today I noticed this bald spot below her ear with a spot of dried blood. It's a very rough texture and has a silvery sheen as opposed to the rest of her pinkish skin. I haven't seen her itching, and when I press and touch...
  7. L

    Butt/back lump removal/advice

    My guinea pig Peach (2 years old, female) recently developed a lump on her back/booty area maybe 2 weeks ago. I, of course, took her to the vet, though she seemed (and continues to seem) absolutely fine - eating, drinking, zooming, etc. The vet first attempted to drain the lump, in case...
  8. Nstheboss

    Burst abcess on guinea pig jaw

    Hi, I'm looking for a final opinion before I have my Guinea pig put to sleep. About a month ago I noticed a small lump on her jaw, prior to this she had lost weight and had been off her food. I took her to an exotic vet who told me that it is a jaw abcess that requires surgery which will cost a...
  9. P

    Bite wound help

    Hi I have two sows pearl and Mabel. They get on pretty well normally but about a week ago Mabel bit pearl on the back (I have solved the fighting issue, it was due to only having one door in their hidey). I bathed the wound and left it to heal but pearl keep scratching and biting at it knocking...
  10. L

    Old wound? - Can anyone help me identify this lump please?

    Hi forummers! This is my first post here although I have frequently benefitted from the shared knowledge on this site! Today I adopted a 2.5 year old rex called Luna from a family where the children had lost interest in their GPs and so they were becoming an burden for a hardworking mum. Luna...
  11. C

    New Guinea pig with ruptured tumor/cyst?

    So my uncle has had a female guinea pig for about 5 years. She was living with her babies, but they were given away, as well as the male since he was not neutured and hard to contain. He has rescued several cats, moved, and has other personal things which don’t give him enough time for a Guinea...
  12. Teazel 2017

    Snowy's "wound".

    My sister discovered this mark on Snowy while she was feeding my pigs. What is it? To me it looks like the hair got caught and ripped ut but I would think it would be to short for that. I put Dettol on it. Any ideas? This is Snowy. Her wound.
  13. P

    Open Wound on Guinea Pig

    One of my guinea pigs is 3 and 1/2 years old and has recently acquired a large wound on her side. It is still open and has been there for 3-4 weeks and she will not let it heal. Any advice?
  14. Nicky71

    What Is This ?

    Help . I am taking piggy to vet tomorrow after I found this on him tonight . It is above his butt to the right . He seems fine in himself , normal behaviour , eating , pooping etc . But in the meantime what should I do ? Should I clean it and if so what with ? Looks like an open wound with...
  15. Rinn

    Male Guinea Pig Got Bitten By Another

    Max, the oldest guinea pig and Coffee,his son live in separate topless c&c cages next to each other. I separated them because they started fighting after Coffee grew up. Yesterday, Coffee climbed the grids into Max's cage and they got into a fight and there were three bite wounds on Max. I...
  16. TheLottiediarys

    Does Anyone Have Experience With This? Its Health But Also Behavior?

    Hi all, Just got back from taking Aurora to the vets She has a wound on her back. Here a little back story on this wound, in case any part of this history is important to whats happening now? When i 'adopted' Aurora and her cage mate Anya a few weeks ago, they weren't in great condition...
  17. G

    My Guinea Pig Keeps Biting Her Wound?

    I have a sow who developed a bent foot at an early age due to wired flooring (from the previous owner). Earlier today, I noticed she was bleeding on her bent foot with it being very swollen - like a small marble stuck in her skin. I cleaned up her wound with water and compressed it to stop the...
  18. D

    Trio Of Boars Has Resulted In An Injury!

    Hi everyone, I'm new to these forums and to boars in general! I've owned 4 females in the past and they all got along well with each other, but just today I discovered several shallow bite wounds on the rump and side of one of my boys. I feel horrible as they appear to be a few days old (dry...
  19. CatChurch

    Lipoma Or Sarcoma

    My Guinea pig of not even one year had to have an operation last Wednesday due to having a lump in the back of her neck. The vet said it had started to petrude around her spine so unfortunately they couldn't get to it all. Could it be cancer? If so what are my options? She's having problems with...