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Snowy's "wound".

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Sep 24, 2018
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My sister discovered this mark on Snowy while she was feeding my pigs. What is it? To me it looks like the hair got caught and ripped ut but I would think it would be to short for that. I put Dettol on it. Any ideas?
This is Snowy.
Her wound.
We can only guess what has caused it.
Knowing your piggies have a strained relationship, it is possible there has been a fight and that injury is a result.
It could be that she has scratched it - mites etc
I wouldn’t just put Dettol on - I am not sure it is safe for piggies (hopefully somebody will know) - but she should be checked over by a vet. From what I can see, it looks to be quite s nasty injury and it should be checked over properly in case further treatment is needed.
I agree a vet visit is needed. I know you were only trying to help your piggie but you really shouldn't home treat. Dettol may not be piggy safe and you could also mask any symptoms making it difficult for your vet to diagnose what is wrong properly. Try and make an appointment for today.
Can't. :no:
A. It is 4 in the afternoon.
B. I recently used my savings for that and have none. :(
I am saving as much as possible to go.
I was asking, what is your guess for the mean time?
Thanks for all your consideration! :)
PS: I noticed, in a video that it was after Tuesday, so prob wensday it happened.
PPS: Their relationship has been going well recently, am caused to believe it was just a big heat.
It could be an injury, or it could be a fungal infection, only a vet could properly diagnose. If it's fungal, your other piggy might show symptoms soon. If you are in the UK try the PDSA, they are vets for people on a low income, and may be able to help. Don't treat it yourself, as it may disguise symptoms and make it harder for a vet to treat. Be very careful handling your piggy, wash hands before and after, as some fungal infections can transfer to humans - best be on the safe side. Good luck.
As mentioned, only a vet can diagnose and treat it. Unless the ingredients of dettol are different in Australia or it was a pet specific dettol, but treating yourself is never a good idea.
My Anna developed an abscess from a nip from one of my other piggies, it was actually in the same area. At least try keep it clean and definitely take her to the vet if there is swelling or redness or signs of infection.
I agree, a vet now definitely. If this is something that can get worse it will be better to treat it now whilst small than have a big problem on your hands.
I can only agree with the other posters, an open wound like that can so easily get infected and it is in the perfect place for her to scratch it and make it worse :(
Also my vets (Vets4Pets) are open until 7pm, plus many vets in Pets at Home stores are open late too!
How old are you? If you are under 18 the responsible adult/s in the house have an obligation to take a sick or wounded pet to a vet ASAP. Good luck!
I’m in total agreement with the other responses you’ve had. That open wound needs veterinary attention as it is a site for infection. And I also agree that Dettol is not something I would ever use on my piggies.
If you have piggies you have to be able to provide for them and that includes vet treatment when needed, not just when you can afford it.
Snowy's "wound" is just about gone! only a small patch of pink skin with an almost microscopic scab! :yahoo:
That's excellent news but please do keep checking the area as abscesses from bacteria entering the wound can appear some time after especially once the wound is sealed shut. For future reference I would only use a saline solution to clean a wound unless recommended by a vet. "Pet safe" I believe means that surfaces are safe for your pet to go on after cleaning. The majority of toxins entering the body from chemicals etc are through inhalation so obviously pet safe products are needed for any surface a pet will come into contact with. I don't think it means it's safe to put on to your pets skin