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Old wound? - Can anyone help me identify this lump please?


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Jul 4, 2018
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Hi forummers! This is my first post here although I have frequently benefitted from the shared knowledge on this site!

Today I adopted a 2.5 year old rex called Luna from a family where the children had lost interest in their GPs and so they were becoming an burden for a hardworking mum. Luna has a funny lump on the top of her head and I wondered if anyone here could help me figure out what it is please? The lady I got Luna from hadn't noticed it so no clues there.

It was hard to photograph so I made this video clip...

She's not in any distress from it.

IMG_2011.jpg IMG_2010.jpg

Merab's Slave

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Nov 27, 2017
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Wirral, UK
Welcome to the forum.
Luna is lovely.
I would suggest a trip to the vet for a general health check - always a good idea with a new pet.
You can ask about the lump then. It’s better to get it looked at by a vet as it could be any number of things.
Is Luna your only piggy?
If she is then consider a companion for her as piggies are social creatures.
Please let us see more pictures.
I have a teddy piggy who is similar to a Rex. They are so cute