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  1. Annelle

    Welcoming A Little Rex(?) Into A Sow Trio!

    Hi fellow cavy lovers! I am celebrating the addition to a sweet baby girl, and wanted to share her adorable face with you all <3 I fell victim, and adopted her from a pet store, (for shame, I know,) but I could hardly resist. I haven’t a clue what her mix is, but she seems to have a bit of...
  2. Cavy Kung-Fu

    Rex Problems?

    I was recently chatting to a piggy rescuer who mentioned that rex's can have problems with hair/eye brows growing so they curl into their eyes? I was just wondering if anyone had heard of this, and whether there's a way to prevent it? I've never seen that on my girl so far but she is young.
  3. W

    Help Swiss And/or Rex Guinea Pigs Required Urgently!

    Hello, My 2 daughters and I were due to pick up our 3 female guinea pigs last week but due to extenuating circumstances of the breeder we cannot have them anymore. My daughters are devastated, well so am I! The whole of their summer holidays has been spent choosing them and getting ready for...