1. cashewandpeppa

    Teeth grinding at cagemate

    My two girls Cashew and Peppa have been bonded for almost one year now. Peppa has been boss pig since day 1, and she is a serious boss - stronger dominance than I’ve seen in most boars. Cashew is super content as lowest pig and never challenges Peppa, ever. Needed context: The two of them are...
  2. G

    Boys trying to mate

    Hi guys so I have 2 pigs (Rhett and link) who were cage mates and they had a falling out November 25th this past year and have been separated ever since but always just shared a wall and they were happy with that arrangement. My girlfriend had tried to have them reintroduced around January...
  3. Z

    2 guinea pigs with separate homes next to each other?

    Hi, I have two guinea pigs who used to live together (but had a falling out, probably because their cage wasn't big enough). I've attempted to rebond them again maybe twice but they always end up fighting aggressively which scares me so I've just kept them separate living in their own big cages...
  4. P

    4 boars falling apart into a trio and a single (and a few other problems)

    So in March I adopted 2 boars which at adorable and they worked together perfectly. Then in august I adopted another 2 boars also a pair. After adjusting to their new home I introduced them to each other which surprisingly worked fine. Though 2 of them had occasional dominance 'performances'...
  5. 5littlecavies

    Rebonding Male With Females - Please Help.

    Hi everyone, I didn't see a thread exactly like my situation so thought I would post one. I have a neutered male and he was living with my 3 older females which he bonded well with and they lived together for a week. Suddenly they began to fight, my male didn't fight back but 2 of my girls were...