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red feet

  1. a.hoover165

    I'm a new piggy owner and need help! Is this something to be worried about?

    S'mores used to be my niece's but she didn't care for her properly so she was given to me. When I got her she had growths on her front legs but I took her to a vet and she just trimmed them and said they weren't an issue. One of the growths was ripped off when Smores jumped off my lap this...
  2. O


    🐹 I was washing out my guinea pigs cage outside. I had the top of my guinea pigs cage covering her and she’s never opened the cage herself before today. I went inside and came back in a few minutes later to see that her cage was open and she was gone. The first thing I thought was that she went...
  3. leotheabyssinian

    Red swollen crack feet

    I have a 5 year old piggy and he is turning 6 in July! I gave him a bath today and I noticed he had very red, open sores on his two back feet. From what I’ve red it is probably from urine, but unfortunately I don’t have the money right now to bring him to the vet. Does anyone know of anything I...
  4. B

    My guinea pig has bright red feet

    I rescued a male 10 month old guinea pig about 2 months ago and I have resently noticed that he has bright red feet with sores that come and go. He has been kept in a sterile environment (as sterile as I can make it) and he has had his feet washed, cream put on them, soaked in iodine and just...
  5. Raefire

    Signs Of Bumble Foot / Swollen Feet?

    So, I have two female guinea pigs one named Cookie, and the other Cream. Just about 45 minutes ago I was cleaning their cage and Cookie was running around the cage I was not cleaning at the time and I noticed her feet are reeaaally red. So, obviously I got concerned and since neither of them...