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  1. N

    Upper Respiratory Infection Continues

    So since October 1st there’s been a rollercoaster of my guineapig Mickey continuously getting upper respiratory infection, I take her to a vet and they give her baytril for a week, after that it seized but then noises came back and I got worried so once again we went to a vet and they gave us...
  2. T

    How To Administer Inhalers?!

    my pig Willow has been prescribed inhalers to help her lungs intake more oxygen. How do I effectively get her to inhale as much of the puff as possible? I have little masks but it sprays too violently in her face. I also use a nebulisation chamber for Willow but I feel the volume of the box is...
  3. T

    X Ray Or Ultrasound Scan?

    My pig has chronic respiratory issues which one vet has said its due to a possible deformed lung that doesn't completely inflate. Her body goes completely limp and her heart rate slows down, eyes bulge, gasps for air etc. Then snaps out of it several times a day. Does she need an X-ray or...
  4. T

    Please Please I Need Help!:( Severe Piggie Breathing Problems!

    I am really at a loss of what to do anymore:( nobody seems to have a slight incline what could be wrong with my pig, even the vets. I've taken Willow to two vets- I rescued her from someone at college who could no longer care for her, I was told she had a sever respiratory infection while with...
  5. T

    Nebulisation In Uk?!?!

    so I'm part of a Guinea pig group on Facebook and after having my pig for over 6 months she has been up and down with respiratory issues- this is due to a severe long respiratory infection she had very young with a previous owner. It recently flared up and she was taken to the vets and given...
  6. T

    Caring For A Guinea Pig With Stunted Growth

    Hi there:) I posted a few months back wondering if my new adopted piggie had some sort of URI or pneumonia but after going to the vets, he reckoned the coughing she does is related to having an extremely aggressive respiratory infection for 2 months when she was a few months old (this was with...
  7. Coconut piggy

    Quiet & Congested Sounding

    About 1 year old female pig was out of the cage for cuddling, when I noticed she was very quiet. Usually, she would be loud and happy, but for some reason this time she only made very faint chutting noises when I pet her. When listening closer, I realized that she was making a strange congested...
  8. T

    Respiratory Infection? Pneumonia?

    Hi there! I recently adopted a pig from a girl at my college who could no longer support her. The little piggie is called Willow and is coming up for 7 months. The reason I took Willow is because her previous owner told me she had a severe respiratory infection for a month when she initially...
  9. alli081

    Sick Pig With A Uri - Anyone Have Advice?

    Hi everyone, I only just joined on here but I have a very urgent question. I'm from Queensland, Australia, and I have 4 rescue pigs (2 boys and 2 girls - they don't mix with each other). One of my male pigs Cosmo has got a lung infection. He wasn't eating much on Friday and wasn't out in the...
  10. Paigeroonie

    Help With Possible Uri?

    Hi there! I'm new to the forum, and relatively new to guinea pig ownership. I rescued a male called Bilbo about a month ago, and he's been great up until this morning I noticed some slight wheezing. When I got home from work, the wheezing was a lot worse (sounds a little bit phlegmmy?) Hes...
  11. Katie Blakely

    Upper Resporiatory Infection

    My piggie has recently been diagnosed with Upper Resporiatory infection and I took him to the vets and was on medication for 1 week, he had a check back after 5 days and the vet said he was fine but just needed to eat watery vegetables as he stopped drinking water. Other than that he was fine...
  12. A

    8 Month Old With Uri

    Hi everyone, I purchased my first Guinea pig from petsmart yesterday. I now know how terrible of a choice that was and I will always rescue from now on. Anyway, I noticed him lights sneezing yesterday and he had a little discharge on his nose. He was still eating a ton and drinking his water and...
  13. Lottie999

    Male Guinea Pig Wheezing After Antibiotics

    Hi there everyone, My 5 year old male guinea pig Maple recently started showing URI symptoms (crusty nose/eyes, wheezing, sneezing etc). I took him straight to the vet who prescribed him with a week course of antibiotics and some decongestant, (no probiotics, but luckily researched this and...