1. GuineaBabs

    Guinea pig Living area

    Alright guys, hey! Let’s start by saying that I’m not trying to start anything I’m just here to learn more and ask a question :) ! So I have 3 boys and 2 girls. The males get along really well surprisingly and don’t like getting separated so I have kept them together. The females ignore each...
  2. Robynnlouu

    Piggy Room!

    hey everyone! So Ive finally persuaded my dad to let me turn one of the spare rooms into a piggy room! but I'm looking for some ideas for how it can look! If anyone has any piggy rooms or large cages can i see them please! desperately need inspiration TIA!
  3. Eloise&Winnie

    Hideaways And Toys Vs. Open Space (in Cage)

    Hi there! I have two female guineas that are almost two years old. I use a large open dog pen (similar to a large dog cage with no top) and have pee pads and fleece on the ground for them. The cage is slightly smaller than the average C&C cage. Anyways, I'm wondering: What is more important...