1. furmom.pau

    Weird sounds while popcorning

    They're kind of playing and then afterwards they'll chase each other and popcorn while making whining sounds and also while rumblestrutting? 😂 So fun to watch.. Oh these little monsters. It's so weird tho I dont know if they're annoyed or too excited...this is after I cleaned their enclosure...
  2. KaylaT4403

    Females sniffing and rumblestrutting

    So my guinea pig Penelope (female) has been rumble strutting near my other female guinea pig Luna. Whenever she gets near her she does it. She then chases her around the cage until Luna gets irritated and chases her off. Penelope is constantly sniffing her butt. Luna throws her butt in the air...
  3. A

    Male boar won’t stop rumblestrutting

    Ok so I had two male guinea pigs ad he rumble strutted quite a lot but not as much as when I put the third boar in he doesn’t hurt him or chatter his teeth he even occasionally licks him and pop corns after rumbling at him. I bonded them all about 1 month ago and he’s only just started to do it...
  4. Pigsneedlovetoo

    Rumblestrutting By Himself?!

    My dominant piggy, Jack, ran up the ramp to the loft last night and started rumblestrutting and vigorously rubbing his whole face in the fleece while his back end was popcorning...I've never seen this before. Any ideas about why? It was very strange.
  5. T

    Stroppy Girls

    Hi. I have two girls who have been together since babies. They've been doing the rumble strutting for over a year and I thought it would calm down but it really hasn't. They get very jealous of each other. I have to stroke them at the same time so they don't get upset. they have a big 2 storey...
  6. Beans&Toast

    Have Beans And Toast Fell Out? :(

    I'm not sure what's going on with the pigs but lately they don't seem to like each other a lot of the time.. When I first got them about 10 months ago Beans was the dominant pig. She was never aggressive towards Toast and was usually very laid back, but it was clear she was the one in charge...
  7. Keiko The Pig

    First Time Boar Bonding!

    Hi! For those of you who've seen my other posts you know I recently got my first pig, and today his friend grom the rescue came home! It's about a half hour into bonding and there's been rumbling, mounting from both parties, butt sniffing, chasing, and popcorning from both boys! Milo (Keikos new...