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  1. S

    Confusing bonding

    Hi, a little over a month ago my 8 year old pig passed away. Her cage mate, Star (2 years old) had started losing patches of fur around this time. Not scratching or mites, just hair loss. When she began showing depression signs I got her a new friend, Penelope (8 months old). They have been...
  2. Chip Lillis

    Are my pigs unhappy?

    I have three girls in an 18 square foot cage. All their needs are accommodated for; food, comfy houses, open space. I don’t have many toys, but I don’t think chew toys would really solve my issue. They don’t ever get the zoomies anymore, nor do they often popcorn. I think they do on occasion...
  3. Beans&Toast

    Maple's Morning Run

    This is what Maple does every morning. Sometimes Beans will join in, but sometimes she's a grumpy old pig who wants to stop her fun :doh: :love:
  4. Heatherrrr712

    Why Does She Do This?

    i have a young guinea pig and sometimes she randomly runs in circles and jumps up and down. I can't tell if it's a guinea pig seizure or what because she seems to have control of where she's running but not her jumping. She ends up jumping pretty high.
  5. Beans&Toast

    I Think Maple Is Enjoying Her New Home...

    So after the first week of being here the two of them are finally settling together, Maple has accepted that Beans is the boss, and Beans likes to remind her on an hourly basis... :doh: As she's only 8 months Maple is such a fast little pig. Beans, however, at the ripe old age of 6 and a half...
  6. MJG

    Found An Old Run Down Summer Project

    So guys , me hunting around on eBay I've found an outside hutch with a run underneath , so this will allow me to put them out everyday as the top will be stuffed with hay and warm and the bottom will be on grass so even if it does drizzle they'll have somewhere to hide ! It cost 99p but I think...
  7. Turtz

    Frantic Behaviour

    My male guinea pig, who is just over a year, is behaving extremely frantically. I heard some noise from his cage which woke me up, and when I went to pick him to see if he was ok, he ran as fast as he could into the bars on his cage and fell backwards. He also frantically ran around his entire...
  8. Beans&Toast

    Toast's Morning Madness

    Every morning after veg, Toast has a mad moment and I finally managed to get it on video! Sometimes it lasts well over 2 minutes, sometimes just a few seconds. While Toast is doing her thing, Beans is completely oblivious :wub:
  9. Beans&Toast

    Is This "popcorning"?

    But of a silly question... So I know when piggies are happy they can popcorn, but what my piggies do seems a bit different to what I've read popcorning is... When they're having their mad half hour, they don't "jump" as such, they will speed in one direction then suddenly change and head in a...
  10. N

    New Piggy's Second Night And A Few Minutes Ago She Just Went Crazy Running And Hopping All Over Her

    I got a piggy from petsmart yesterday and sure seemed aclimated to people and she really is surprisingly unafraid and curious towards me and my hubby. Tonight before bed time she went wild in her cage running and hopping all over in it. I don't know if she was afraid or what frightened her. Did...