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  1. I


    So yesterday my guinea pig died. I thought I’d come here to find out what caused the death because I completely could not understand what has happened and I thought somebody here would know. I found him outside in his run collapsed on the floor. I immediately carried him inside, he was still...
  2. jesse1234

    Sudden and confusing pig loss

    So, first of hello everybody, I haven't been here in a while! Hope everybody has been good in this lovely space. This morning, my sister messaged me to say one of the guinea pigs had died overnight. We really don't understand what happened. They're well cared for, not to be pretentious but it's...
  3. MeganSambrook

    Withdrawn after fight

    My two pigs have lived separate for around a year after a big fight. Their cages are together so they’re not alone and they free roam - we take it in turns as to who is open. Yesterday morning we woke up and one had yanked the others door open meaning they were both out. They’d had a bit of a...
  4. Marshie

    (Vent) Thought I found my dream pig today

    I drove an hour away to pick up a baby boar. He was one of those beautiful grey and white piggies that I’ve always adored. When I saw him in a photo I felt a spark and I thought I had finally found a friend for my other pig, I was really excited and spent a few hours preparing the meeting cage...
  5. Munching Maniac

    Share your piggy stories!

    Share your funny, scary, sad etc. stories about you guinea pigs and their adventures with you... ❤️❤️❤️
  6. kingboo94

    My Guinea Pig Died A Sudden Death

    Tonight 18/5/19 at around 6pm, my 3 year old guinea pig died suddenly. She wasn’t eating her food or wanting any water, wouldn’t move from the one spot, every 5-10 seconds it was like she did a big hiccup or it looked like she was convulsing and she kept making a weird sound with her mouth...
  7. doodlecountry

    Piggie doesn’t hang out with the herd

    I have 5 sows, all who bonded nicely together. 4 out of the 5 are more hyper than Sophia, who is calmer. Sophia usually doesn’t hang around the other 4 that much. Kind of like she’s an introvert. Sometimes she will just sit and stare into space, even when she’s not peeing/pooping. Is this...
  8. A

    I lost my friend :(

    Hi Everyone. My name is Amit and i am from India. My uncle gave me a female guinea pig few years ago. At that time she looks so immature but i dont know about her actual age. Time passed and she became our family member. She usually eats everytime she became healthy but didn't grown in size...
  9. N

    My 5 year old guinea pig was put to sleep ..

    In June I found out my guinea pig Mickey had a tumor not knowing if it was possibly a cyst, I went to the vet and sadly told me that it was a tumor and there was no form of removing it without it growing back, this left me with knowing she was either going to live until she got to the point it...
  10. antonianicoleee

    Poppy Pig Has Gone Over The Rainbow Bridge

    Hi everyone. I’ve posted recently about my poorly piggy Poppy... she had a vet visit this evening and unfortunately she’s had to be put to sleep. It was a hard decision and it’s something I feel awful and guilty for. She was my baby for the last 4 years, and her sister who I sadly lost 2 months...
  11. antonianicoleee

    Poorly Piggy, Been Told To Prepare For The Worst :(

    Hi everyone. I took Poppy to the vets on Monday. When I took her the time before she weighed just over 1.3. She now weighs 1.02. She has lost quite a lot of weight. The blood is apparently coming out in her urine, not in her poop so apparently this is still cystitis and they think she is just...
  12. ChubbyCarrots

    Buddy Has Injured Himself Twice This Week!

    Hi guys, I really need your help! Just this week my little guinea pig (Buddy- 18 months) fell out of the waist-height hutch twice this week! Now he’s limping, the vets said he will recover but I’m getting worried about him falling out of the hutch. He always rubs it off but I’m getting really...
  13. NatalieW

    Saying Good Bye To Blodwen

    Hi, I used to be a member of this forum ages ago but forgot my details so I have set up a new account, my three guinea pigs are all around 6 years old. I've been away for a week with my dad looking after my pigs, been back about three days, and I noticed something wasn't right with Blodwen, She...
  14. Braelyn

    Lost A Pig Inside My House.?

    Just barley a week ago I got 2 male piggies from separate adoptions and they've been somewhat getting along but mainly they are still terrified of me. I know it will take time but I'm in a mess right now. Their enclosure is in a spare room with a lot of stuff stacked around their space but it's...
  15. K

    Guinea Pigs Seem Sad Since Moving To The Shed

    hi everyone, This is probably a silly question.. we moved our boys to the shed last weekend because of all that horrible rain and wind as our garden isn't very well protected from the elements! I've ordered a snugglesafe to keep them warm in the evenings and I'm going to dig out an old duvet...
  16. Guineapigfeet

    Sad For The Death Of A Young Pigeon

    It's 'only' a pigeon. But it's was beautiful and it's death was caused my house. It flew into one of my upstairs windows and I saw it fall past my living room window onto our front lawn. Made an almighty bang. I looked to see if it was ok and to begin with it looked like it was. It was 'sat'...
  17. ChloeCee98

    Sudden Change In Behaviour...

    I think my piggies feel neglected :bye: I lost my job at Christmas and I think the piggies got used to me being around a lot. Now I'm back working full time they don't get as much attention. I feel like they hate me :( I still give them cuddles and veggies and lots of loves every day. I sit with...
  18. Cazzie Bliss

    Mental Turmoil Of Having To Rehome?

    Hey all As some might know, my piggies had babies a few months ago and I misgendered one of the pups who's been in the girls cage. I don't have a big enough cage for 4 boars to live in. So, the people I got my original two are saying they can take a max of four back of the same sex. The...
  19. Lily and Coco

    Please Help My Guinea Is Sick!

    This is a pic of my piggie, I don't know what to do, PLEASE HELP! hat is going on PLEASE HELP ME! :help:
  20. W

    Sweet Dreams Fudge

    Sweet dreams little Fudge, you fought bravely and captured our hearts with your cheeky nature.