1. Mystic_corgi

    Eating Aspen!?

    My guinea pig Tofu is chewing/eating the aspen bedding in his cage, is this okay for him to do and if not what can I do to stop it....I do plan on switching to fleece soon very soon, but i still want my pig to be okay until then
  2. W

    Is this grass? Is it safe?

    We have a lot of this random grass looking stuff in our garden. I *think* it is just another type of grass but wanted to get opinions from others just to see if I am just being overly paranoid. It is difficult to capture it in photos but I did try.. see what you think. Thanks.
  3. Chip Lillis

    Safe litter for Guinea pigs?

    Hey everyone! With the quarantine and everything going on, I’m not able to head out to get the litter I normally do for my food area. I found this unscented paper litter for cats on amazon and I was wondering if it’s safe for piggies? There were people safely using it for rabbits in the reviews...
  4. Y

    Peanut butter flavoured things?

    Hello everyone :) I went out to Wilko today and picked up a guinea pig treat/toy. It's a gnaw log and I thought it looked good and the type of 'wood' they used is loved my my piggies. So, I picked one up. However, once I got home, I realised it was peanut butter flavoured. Now, I know piggies...
  5. pepperandrosie


    Hi, I was just wondering if you can feed guinea pigs fresh grass as I've had an idea that i can buy a mini hay rack (like a hamster sized one) to put grass in but also have a big one for the hay during the winter so when its summer they can go on the grass and eat more of it? I don't want to...
  6. Rinn

    Best Hay Rack/ Hay Rack Suggestions.

    I was wondering which hay rack would be the safest? This thread can also be a suggestion for hay racks. I know that ball hay racks/wheel hay racks/the V shaped wire hay rack had caused more than a few accidents. Here is a hay rack I'm currently using for the pigs. They are from daiso, I cut a...
  7. NatalieW

    Pigs Living Inside With Indoor Only Cats

    Hi everyone. My Mum has been looking after my two remaining elderly guinea pigs, who have always lived outside. she has brought them back to me today, and we both think they are too old and it is too cold for them to be outside now. Matilda has been acting very slow and I think its better if...
  8. alf1et

    Safe Guinea Pig Toys

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could please help me, I have been doing lots of research for about 6/7 months because I am getting 2 baby American guinea pigs and I can't find any information on weather or not RUBBER toys are safe for guinea pigs. I was wondering if anyone could please help me...
  9. M

    Is This Plant Safe?!

    We have lots of this plant growing in or garden and I was wondering what is it and if it is safe for guinea pigs AND bunnies? Thankyou
  10. Alexandra West

    Nail Polish On A Piggie?

    Hey! I was at my friends house yesterday and she got a guinea pig a few days ago, and she was painting his nails with O.P.I nail polish. I told her it was a bad idea, but she didn't listen. She's had around 4 piggies before, so I wanted to ask the question if this is actually safe or not. For...
  11. bumbling-bambi

    Incense Around Piggies?

    Myself and my partner both absolutely love to burn a little bit of incense to keep our house smelling nice! Now we haven't done so since we got our piglets because we couldn't find anything online to say if it was safe or not - so seeing as I've joined this forum i thought you would be the best...
  12. TheCavySlave

    Important- Are These Toys Safe?

    I recently bought these and want to make sure they're not going to hurt my babies (sorry for the huge pics): The house is made from card, covered in hay and the top is dried carrot
  13. Stayc1989

    Piggy Safe Wood Paint

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows of anywhere that I can buy some wood paint/stain safe for Guinea pigs. My boyfriend made them a little wooden house for the garden and I would like to paint it but they love gnawing on it too so would need paint safe for piggies and weather proof x
  14. Annika Lord

    Fleece Bedding

    So, Ive heard from many places that fleece bedding for a guinea pig (esprcially in the Midwest cage, which I just set up) is amazing and makes clean up even easier. So, 1. Where the best place I can get it for cheap? 2. What's the best brand that's safe for my guinea pig?
  15. PiggyOinkOink

    Cork - Piggy Safe?

    I had some Prosecco tonight and was wondering if I could throw the cork stopper in for the piggies to play with? I can't find any info online whether it's safe or not.