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  1. N

    Need Help Identifying Cause of Grooming Leading to Hair Loss/Bald Spot

    Hello! I wanted to get some ideas and advice on how to handle a new development with 2 of our 3 young boars (9 mos and over 1 year old). I've noticed the youngest one, Nugget, grooming the oldest one, Chip, more and more lately, but today I noticed something looked off about Chip's bum... After...
  2. C

    Scabs, bleeding and dandruff

    Hello everyone, I have had some problems with my 1 year old guinea pigs. A while ago they started to itch and soon after they has scabs that bleed, and they wheek when touched. One of our guinea pigs with these symptoms passed away a few weeks ago, and these symptoms have started on my other two...
  3. T

    Guinea Pig Scabs and sores

    We have three guinea pigs two males that were in the same cage together and one female in a cage by herself. We had attempted to have the female with another piggy in the cage with her, but that did not go well and it's the story for a different post. Up until a month ago, the two males were in...
  4. R

    White scabs on my guinea pig cookie

    Hi everyone, I hope you can help as I am a bit stuck over what to do with my guinea pig cookie. I can post some bettter photos this week if that helps. I took cookie to the vet just over 2 weeks ago as she had some scabs on her sides and back in various places, mainly in the roset middles. They...
  5. A

    Guinea pig scabs

    My guinea pig has been scratching and biting at his back. I looked at his back and it looks like there are red scabs and some dry skin. I decided to wash him with some special shampoo and after that he stopped constantly scratching and biting but he still has these red scabs on his back and hair...
  6. K

    Guinea Pig Scabs

    Hey, Guys! It's me again. Now, as some may know, I had to separate Lalo and Harold but their cages are right next to each other. Harold is fine and running around all happy. Lalo is being his lazy cute self but recently, I've been seeing Lalo act..strange. Very strange. It started with...
  7. K

    My Poor Boy!

    Took my boys out for a check over and cuddle.. his nose is all scabbed over now thankfully! But still looks awful, I found what looks like a scab on the rim at the bottom of his eye. Possibly from his fight the other day? Can they take a few days to show? :( hoping it is just a scab and nothing...
  8. T

    Hair Loss, Flaky Scabby Skin. Help:(

    hi there! I have an elderly Pig at 7 years old and she has been the happiest, healthiest pig ever until recently. I noticed that on her neck and stomach area she has lost a lot of hair over time it hasn't been drastically and I'm wondering why? :( Someone suggested that it could be dental...
  9. L

    Poorly Piggy

    Hi, I have a young guinea pig that I foolishly got from a breeder (there's a story behind it but that's not why I'm here) I have another piggy so frosty the new new piggy has been in quarantine. He began to develop scabs and was diagnosed with mites. The vets gave him some drops last Friday and...
  10. crnyng

    Mouth Scabs?

    My moms male guinea pig has scabs on his mouth. I haven't been over in a while and stopped by today. Of course first thing I had to do was say hi to him and this is what I noticed. This is something of concern correct? Just want to make sure because I did tell her to take him in. Just looking...
  11. Callia

    Scab On The Back Of Guinea Pig

    Hello! Today I took out my guinea pig, Galibi, and as I petted her I noticed something rough in her hair. At first I thought something small was caught in it, but I decided to move back her hair and found that she instead had a scab. She does not share her cage with another pigs and when I...
  12. KenspppPets

    Tiny Scabs

    I've had my 2 boars a few weeks now and just notices both of them appear to have a small scattering of tiny scabs under their fur. I researched the common complaints - mites and fungus - but none of the photos look similar to the scabs and neither are particularly itchy with no other symptoms...