scared piggies

  1. S

    Not the same after fireworks

    Hi All, I am worried about one of my piggs. Gio is usually is a very spunky, talkative and playful little guy but last night was his first time experiencing fireworks. It was VERY bad this year with the illegal ones! We had all the doors and windows closed with 5 industrial fans running to try...
  2. AlabasterCrow

    Scared Piggy

    I've talked about Cho and Sha before on this forum and would just like to say that they are doing mostly fine. Their cage was just upgraded and they are happy as can be (even after Sha broke his toe, which is healing wonderfully.) But I'm having a problem with Cho. On one hand we have Sha...
  3. Karla0822

    New Scared Guinea Pig! Need tips please!

    Hi there! I brought home a 3 month old male guinea pig named Hershey two days ago. Unfortunately I did not do enough research on cages and got him the wrong kind but a good c&c cage is shipping now so hopefully I’ll get it by next week. I know they are prey creatures and will hide a lot because...
  4. Princessmint

    Cage Cleaning Advice?

    Hi, I'm a new piggy mama, just got my babies 2 weeks ago. They are getting more comfortable, not hiding from me as much. My issue is removing them from the cage for cleaning. I did it once and picked them up to put into play pen, but it was very difficult and I don't think they enjoyed being...
  5. Rachel1234510

    A bit of advice needed for our new piggies!

    Hey all! I'm very new to this forum thing but I have come across many threads from here when searching online that have been helpful! We have two new guinea pigs, beautifully named Emily and Piggy Wiggy by our daughter :D! We have had them for two weeks now and they are 10 weeks old. I'm...
  6. MilliePigs

    Floor time

    So I’ve had Horace and Benji for about a year now and have never really given them floor time. Bambi’s cage (my other guinea pig) is so large that the space I have for floor time would be much less than his cage size and so I’ve never given it to him. However, Horace and Benji only have a 120cm...
  7. C

    Two New Guinea Pigs That Are Scared

    hey, so I got two sows just over a day ago and so far, even when I just sit by the hutch and talk to them if I move they jump away. I've also tried opening the hutch door and putting my hands in so they can get used to my scent, but when I move to stroke them they jump away. Is this normal?
  8. taroyukiponyo

    Ramp Too Tall?

    Soo their home created but they are all still hesitant to go upstairs on the next floor :c the ramp is carpeted so they should be able to climb up but they are scared. Any advice on training them to feel more comfortable using it? Thank you in advance.
  9. K

    Help New Piggie Owner!

    Ok! so i have two new piggies. got one a week ago and added his little brother 2 days ago.Their names are Darryl and Rick, like from the walking dead :) they are extremely skiddish. I built them a big c&c cage to which they love! they eat and run around all night and i guess day too but I'm not...