1. kerry3383

    Would this be safe to have near my guinea pigs cage?

    Our pigs stay in the living room with us, their smell isn’t bad as we clean them regularly but there is still a smell and I worry when guests are over that it’s actually worse than we think and we’re just used to it you know? Saw this pet deodoriser wall plug in in the shop and thought it...
  2. P

    Preparing to bond boars. Advice needed.

    I’ve read Wiebke’s excellent thread on here about bonding piggies (thank you Wiebke) but have a couple of questions I hope members might help me with. Am preparing to bond our existing boar Steve ( 9 months, so a teenager) with new boy, 5 months). Steve’s buddy died very suddenly nearly 2 months...
  3. P

    Baths And Boar Behavior

    We have 2 boars one an adult not sure hos age as he was adopted as am adult and the other about 2 to 3 months old maybe. We bonded them and everything has been fine. They other day I bathe the adults bum and grease gland he had poo smoothed all around his bum area and stuck in thr. They other...
  4. Chessles

    Smelly Guinea Pigs

    I have recently acquired 2 sows from a rescue, I already had two boars and they didn't really smell. I had read that sows were less smelly however, these 2 seem to smell quite strongly. I only cleaned them out a few hours ago and they already smell :( this is a problem because they live indoors...