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  1. F

    Can guinea pig scratch look like self harm?

    Apologies if in wrong spot. My 14 yo, 6 months out if a 2 year depression has been interacting a lot with her 2 gps. She has a few 2 inch scratches, periodically, but not she has a good 6-8 inch linear scratch . She said she wouldn’t self harm and joked about and seems in place. In another post...
  2. I

    Guinea Pig Biting when I pick her up.

    So, my guinea pigs are around 4 months old, and one of them has been biting me recently, it’s not like the nips she gives when feeding her, and she doesn’t bite hard enough to draw blood, but lately she’s been biting like she’s warning me. It happens specifically after I put her on my lap, and...
  3. C

    Possible Pain/Illness?

    Hi, I've posted here before and I really enjoy this forum. I came back here for advice on my piggy, Fred. Last night, him and his cage mate were begging for food like always. Fred likes to grind his teeth against the cage. I sometimes do this thing where I poke my fingers/toes in the cage to...
  4. jenibee

    Hay in back of eye?

    Today morning I saw my guinea pig had a small piece of hay in his eye and as I tried to get it out but it just seemed to have gone on further into it. When I look at it now there isn't any sign of it so I'm not really sure whether it fell off or not. He's not squinting or anything right now and...
  5. jenibee

    Is this a scratch or some kind of infection?

    So like a day ago I noticed what looked like dried poo on my guinea pigs nose. I tried to wipe it off but he kept moving and it wouldn't really come off. Today morning I saw that he had this red swipe above his nose. Could this be a scratch from maybe him trying to clean himself? the first...
  6. PerpLexxity

    Fungus On Ear?

    Last night when I was cage cleaning I noticed flakes on Gizmos ear. Upon closer inspection realized on top of the flakes were 2 red bumps they seemed to be trying to scab over. Initially I thought it was a scratch wound but that wouldn’t cause flaky-ness. I did some research and at the time it...
  7. MadPiggies :D

    Scratch Scarring

    My piggies are sick and when syringe feeding I ended up with a big scratch on my hand from they not cooperating. Will it scar!?! XO I have had it for around 2 days and it's going a bit brown
  8. Megannah

    Bald Patch On Nose

    Hello, last week I found on my Piggie Marshall I noticed a small patch of hair above his nose was dry and stuck together, I looked it up on line and i couldn't find anything , but today as I picked him up the dried hair was hanging of his nose and fell off and underneath was a tiny red sore? His...
  9. MomoMura

    How Often Do Your Guinea Pigs Scratch Themselves?

    Mines seem to scratch themselves at -least- once or twice every five to ten minutes. Sometimes even more. Is this normal? I have taken them to the vet and he even checked them for parasites and couldn't find anything. I've been waiting for other symptoms such as loss of appetite, not...