1. Bethanie97

    Guinea pig eye advice (warning: photo)

    >>TRIGGER WARNING PHOTO<<<<< Hi I have a 2year old Sheltie Guinea pig, she has already been diagnosed with fatty eyes, apparently as she is more “flat faced” than normal piggies. she has recently developed the problem in the photo, it’s like extra skin popping out from behind her eye (only...
  2. K

    Introducing a new aby boar to a sheltie boar

    I had two boars, one of which passed away last month after receiving the news what he had was not curable. The Sheltie (nearly 8 months) left has been fine in himself since it happened usual personality, habits etc. The exotic vet believes he will have already understood for a while what was...
  3. Bethanie97

    Long haired piggies eyes

    Hi I’m looking for a bit of advice, I have a sheltie breed guinea pig, and the hair above where her eyes are (shown in picture) keeps growing and catching her in the eyes which has started making them look sore and occasionally crusty, I don’t want this becoming a serious problem. I’ve tried...
  4. zoe.sterns

    Help! Respiratory Issues

    One of my young silkie boars was sneezing a lot and wiping his nose so i took him to the vet and the diagnosed him with what i thought it was, a mild upper respiratory infection. so i had him and his two other cage mates all on antibiotics for two weeks and they finished the two weeks yesterday...
  5. Pxhione

    Weird brown lump on boars bottom?

    Hey! This is Harley, he's a gorgeous 1.5 year old boar. He gets weighed and health checked every 2 days and has great owners (if I do say so myself!) he was nutuered on the 3rd of May 2019 and his scars healed great with no issues. When doing his weekly hairtrim today I noticed a slight matt and...
  6. ishimercado

    How to bathe/trim the nails of a Skittish Guinea Pig?

    Hi, I've a 4 month old Sheltie. I noticed that she has Matted hair on her bum and sides of her body. I wanna give her a bath but the problem is, she won't let me lift her up. She would allow me to pet her but that's about it. How can I give her a bath if she doesn't want me to lift her up?
  7. UhreGuineas

    Long Hair Care!

    Hey everyone! I recently adopted a baby long hair guinea pig. I was wondering what hair care is needed when she is older! I am not a 100% sure what long hair breed she is but I believe she is a silkie(Sheltie) if that helps! I want my little girl to have the locks of a angel, so throw it all...
  8. piggie.slave

    Scabby Lump?

    Hi, I was cleaning out the pigs today when I noticed that he had a rough bum, when I had a look he has a scabby like raised lump. He is a 3 year old sheltie male, that lives with another male, they get on most of the time, have a few squabbles but never drawn blood, I will attach photos, an...