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  1. raining.ashes

    Sneezing/pneumonia/lousy vet

    So far I have spent nearly twelve hundred dollars at this vet's office trying to clear my two guinea pigs of what the vet said was streptoccal pneumonia. She also said the tests claimed the bacteria was tested not to be resisted to the antibiotics she gave me. After two rounds of antibiotics in...
  2. coco&chanel

    Severe Pneumonia Help

    Hello, My Guinea pig Tommy looked to be struggling with his breathing last November, so I took him to the vets. The vet said he had a sore throat(?!) and gave me Baytril 2.5% to give him 0.4ml twice daily. I did this, and he seemed to improve. Since then his breathing has been getting...
  3. Shelby._.

    New Piggie + Vet Visit = Stress?

    So I have to bring my new piggie to the vet tomorrow because he is sneezing a lot and it is worrying me. I have only had him a few days and am worried about him being stressed as he is very skidish now and doesn’t like my hands near him. Does anyone have any tips to make him less stressed? I...
  4. J

    Cold Virus

    I recently came down with a cold (common cold) and did not know that it could spread to guinea pigs. I held my guinea pig, cuddles, and kissed her on the nose (quite a bit). I don't want her to get sick, she takes vitamin C pellets about every day so those should help. I just don't want her...
  5. 0

    Guinea Pig Isn't Eating Much And Won't Leave His Hut

    Help! my guinea pig (Luna) started jumping into the sides and the top of his cage last night around 2:30. he has lived in that cage since i got him 9 months ago. nothing has changed since then either. i was giving him floor time and i put him back in his cage when i went to bed and a few hours...
  6. N

    Guinea Pig Scratching, Baldness And Crusty Skin Around Eye

    My guinea pig has been scratching the area around her right eye for about 2 weeks and since then I noticed baldness around his eye that's been growing ever since. The bald skin is also very crusty and he can barely open his eye. I went to the vet which gave me a kind of medicine that i should...
  7. Alexandra West

    Baby Piggy With Uri?

    I just got a baby guinea pig today (he's about 6-8 weeks I think?) and he makes a weird noise before making a noise that sound like he's coughing or choking? His nose isn't runny but he keeps nearly closing one of his eyes. I can't find any thing on this and I'm scared? Please help? He also is...
  8. J

    What Is Doodles Dying Of? What Can I Do? If I Can't Do Anything, How Can I Help Her Pass Peacefully?

    My guinea pig, Doodles, is dying. I am by no means an expert, but I take care of her and she gets all the things she needs. She is 7 years old, and I'm 90% sure that's the culprit. However, if it isn't, and there's something I can do, I want to do everything I can to make her life longer. If I...
  9. Josie

    Is My New Guinea Pig Sick?

    I got my GP yesterday at a store. He is a long-haired est. 2 month old piggy. I have gone to the medical emergency site and everything else but nothing seems to be giving me answers! I even called the local vet and they couldn't tell me anything! He sneezes a couple times an hour, when I put him...
  10. E

    Post Operation Problems

    Our 4 year old guinea pig Mabel stopped eating last week, it took us a day or two to notice something was wrong and we took her to the vets, she needed surgery and a few days later the vet removed her ovaries which had become enlarged. We took her home and have been feeding her a sort of...
  11. Blobfish

    Veterinary Care - When Is Enough Enough?

    Hi everyone, I'm really hoping I can get some good advice from the guinea pig-owner community! I have two lovely boars (Blob and Bramble), both 3.5 year old brothers. Unfortunately for the last couple of years, they have not been always in the best of health. Both suffer from recurring bloat...
  12. Celine298

    Antibiotics & Piggies Appetite Loss

    Hey all! I brought my piggy to the vet yesterday with a skin ailment, fungal infection with possible mange mites. Although mites have been more or less ruled out (vet is getting a second opinion just to be safe) I've begun treating his fungal infection. I was prescribed Baytril (0.8mls twice...
  13. C

    Really Veiny Ears?

    Hello! Sorry I couldn't find anything specific about this so I had to ask I got a new guinea pig, I think he's about 3 or 4 months old. I rescued a very skinny, runt baby last year and he also had very veiny ears and suddenly passed away the next month.. I don't want the same thing to happen to...
  14. Turtz

    Male Guinea Pig Living Alone

    Hi! I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, sorry if I've made a mistake. I've had my male guinea pig for 7 months now, and after some research I've realised that its very recommended to keep guinea pigs in pairs. Although I haven't noticed him acting very lonely, I'm sure his...