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Guinea Pig Isn't Eating Much And Won't Leave His Hut


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Nov 13, 2017
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Help! my guinea pig (Luna) started jumping into the sides and the top of his cage last night around 2:30. he has lived in that cage since i got him 9 months ago. nothing has changed since then either. i was giving him floor time and i put him back in his cage when i went to bed and a few hours later he started jumping into the sides of his cage. i went to get him out of his cage and pick him up and he became still. i held him for a while and he started to calm down but now he won't leave his hut and will only eat the food thats under his hut. i gave him a few apple slices and he ate those right away but normally he beg for a treat when i wake up and when he hears the bag they are in he goes crazy and he didn't do anything when the bag made noise. he also loves to be pet and he didn't make a noise when i pet him. normally he purrs. he also popcorns all around during floor time and he won't do anything during floor time. does anyone know why he won't move.

pig in the city

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Jan 29, 2009
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Hi. It sounds as if something has scared him badly. Just give him time. Leave him alone and quiet. Maybe put a cover on part of the cage.
If he doesn't improve then consider getting him checked out by your vet, but avoid any stress if you can.
Things that we don't think of as scary can freak out piggies, smells, noises etc.
Have you thought about getting him a friend as that helps to reduce anxiety and increase confidence. Plus piggies need friends!


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Feb 1, 2016
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I second @pig in the city

Things in the past that my piggies have found really scary and upsetting is the smell of charred meat from a neighbor's barbeque, and a pigeon. It sounds very random and it took me a while to figure it out, but it makes sense. The smell of burned meat is, well, the smell of fire and danger. And a domesticated piggy is unlikely to differentiate between a bird of pray and a fat, lazy pigeon.

I believe Maia even had a nightmare after seeing the pigeon (they were inside free ranging, and the pigeon landed on the window still, so it was a really innocent encounter, but she was mad with fear, poor girlie). :yikes:

Just to be on the safe side, I'd visit a vet for a quick check-over.