what do i do

  1. K

    Teeth chatter

    Hello! I am new here. I have a new piggy named Stitch. I’ve had him for about two days. He’s been perfectly fine until earlier today. I am still learning how he likes to be petted. I tickled his belly earlier and he started chattering his teeth. From all of the things I’ve read, this is a little...
  2. H

    They are so noisy what do I do

    So I am very new to this don’t know if I am posting this in the right place but anyway I really need help as I just got 2 female guinea pigs today and they seemed to settle in fine. Shy to start with but came out abit and wernt overly loud or really quiet. It is now currently 3.23am and they...
  3. D

    Can someone Give me Information?

    Hi, In the past 2-3 weeks I have been noticing some drastic weight loss in my Guinea pig. He was 1.2 now 0.78. I have took him to the vets but they haven’t been able to give any answers. His eyes are small and squinted and he looks weak and the veterinarian has given him fluid ( he thinks he’s...
  4. T

    Having To Rehome Due To New Career? Please Help:(

    So I have a huge dilemma on my hands here:( I recently got offered the job of my dreams I worked so hard to get but it came with a HUGE condition: I rehome my Guinea pigs:( which I obviously in a million years do not want to do. I was told the pathogens from my pigs could spread to the...
  5. 0

    Guinea Pig Isn't Eating Much And Won't Leave His Hut

    Help! my guinea pig (Luna) started jumping into the sides and the top of his cage last night around 2:30. he has lived in that cage since i got him 9 months ago. nothing has changed since then either. i was giving him floor time and i put him back in his cage when i went to bed and a few hours...
  6. Daniie evans

    Hey Guys, New Pig Mommy Here!

    hello everyone! We have an adult female who was part of a triplet group but two died before we rescued her. She wasn't coping very well at being on her own so we got a baby girl to go with her. Upon getting home we realised pets at home are useless and it is a baby boy. We can't take him back as...