sick guinea pig

  1. P

    Help poorly pigs

    Hello, I'm new here and searching for answers. I have two piggys cookie and hazzle both of them are four years old. A few months ago I took cookie to the vets with a suspected UTI. She had bulges on her sides, like bloat but my exotic vet said that it wasn't. She was in pain when urinating. We...
  2. J

    Young male guinea pig doesn’t want to leave his hide.

    Hello all, I adopted a young guinea pig about 2 months ago, his name is Francis Madison Grimm. I think he’s about 4 months old now. He has had a very healthy appetite, enjoys zooming around his large enclosure, and yelling at me about every noise I make in the house. But quite suddenly...
  3. G

    Runny one nostril

    Hi, I have just noticed my guinea pig gingy continuesly sneeze a few times in a row and clear discharge leaking from only 1 nostril. He is not lethargic, doesn't have crusty eyes or nose, just wet and runny, only when he sneezes.
  4. Olaysha

    NSAIDs and antibiotic advice

    Hi everybody, I was wondering what people’s experiences with NSAIDs and antibiotics for their guinea pigs have been like. My 6month old guinea pig Chestnut started making choking sounds and hooting last night and I took her to the vet this morning. He checked her up and said that her lungs...
  5. I

    Is my guinea pig sick?

    Hi! I am a week or two into having a new guinea pig named meatloaf. (he has a friend his friend is just unrelated to my question) So meatloaf has been making a breathy sound recently and I am trying to see if hes sick. For some reason it only happens in the mornings from what i've seen. It's not...
  6. lialway


    Hi i’m new to the forum i joined just now because my guinea pig isn’t doing very good he is around 5/6 years old. i woke up today to give them their food, and he usually comes running but he came very slowly and took small to no bites of it. he has this stuff coming out of his mouth and eyes...
  7. D

    My piggy is sick PLZ HELP!

    Hello my name is Jess and my piggy’s name is Daisy. I love Daisy so much! I adopted her for my two older children aged 11 & 9 but they ended up not paying any attention to her as they are children so I became her owner and I fell in love. I spend so much on all the treats at my local pet shop...
  8. jacque_chan34

    Guinea pig makes whistling/clicking noises

    Hello I am new to this forum and to the whole guinea pig life! I have two little guinea pigs, each less than a year old (although I don't know their exact age due to the fact I got them from the pet store... I know, I know, I am now a more educated individual, but I love them more than anything...
  9. S

    Syringe feeding while working

    One of my guinea pigs recently had back to back ear infections, and due to those has developed some dental issues. His front teeth were trimmed but his back teeth still need to be taken care of. He is currently too underweight to under go that process. He is on critical care feed per vet...
  10. Piggiefriend

    !Piggie not quite usual!

    Hello! I have two guinea pigs aged 2 and 1 and the older one seemed a bit quiter today. She is eating but only if i place the food in her house and she is sometimes sleeping outside her house. She usually squeeks when i feed her which she didn’t do today, however she ate some parsley once i put...
  11. P

    How do i comfort my dieing piggy?

    My pig named chip died today due to my mistake of using bleach in the same room as my guines pigs, I'm a new pig owner so I was unaware it was going to hurt them. But my other pig oreo has been limping, drinking alot of water, has a really messy coat, has white discharge coming from his eyes and...
  12. B

    i think my sweet piggie is passing away

    My guinea pig is 6 years old and she is usually lively and independent but for the past 2-3 days she hasn’t been able to walk very well, she’s shedding (not itching at all.) not eating well and now she’s not really taking water. i’ve been able to hand feed her a little but she cannot walk she...
  13. MochaLocha

    Sick Guinea Pig

    With Chestnut dying in September of this year I was hoping I would be able to get over her death and have no more of it but now one of my other piggies is sick I think I can't avoid it. She cannot breathe very well and is super stuffy, the smell of her reminds me of these cats I knew that had...
  14. adussiaQ

    My piggy is suffering, what’s the best option?

    Hello everyone, I’m looking for your opinions My skinny pig Jelly is suffering a lot. He has been showing signs of aging (although only 4 years old) for a few months now but since this month it’s been getting worse and worse. since summer he’s lost a lot of weight despite eating well. He then...
  15. Sherman and Shaggy's Mom

    Adopted two piggies, sneezing alot

    So to start off I do have a vet appointment, but I have to wait 3 days beacuse he isn't in until then. However I worry so I'm asking here as well. I just adopted my two babies and while I was at the place, not the best condition, one of my pigs sneezed once. I figured it was coincidence, but he...
  16. furmom.pau

    Poop check pls

    My piggy has been on antibiotics for 8 days now and her poops are being weird ever since. We've been feeding her probiotics and syringe feeding hay and pellets to her. No veggies. At first she was always hiding, maybe because of the antibiotic side effects but now she's coming outside and...
  17. H

    I need help please

    My guinea pig Maxwell seems to be sick and I'm not sure how. This morning I fed him and my two girls Hamtaro and Oxnard and he was squeaking and happy. I just got home and now he's all slow and he isn't eating, he seemed to be paralyzed but I don't know if it's that. He's barely moving and isn't...
  18. G

    Please help my guinea pig is twitching and has sneezed

    Please help I really don’t know if she is ill and she’s a baby I would say they are under 2 months old pleassseee help me I’m really concerned please help me 😭😭😭😭😭
  19. D

    Guinea pig died 1st day home

    Hi there, I'm new here. We adopted our first guinea pig yesterday from a friend of a friend who was too sick to take care of her guinea pig anymore. I researched the hell out of guinea pig ownership and was so prepared. The guinea pig came with all her stuff, her own cage, food, little hut. I...
  20. Jasmined

    Do I need a second opinion on Poppies eye?

    Hi! Last night I noticed my one year old female guinea was the slightest bit swollen and teary in one eye. Checked again in the morning and it was definitely a little more swollen but I wasn’t sure if it was serious or something that may pass. The vet I use is obviously operating differently...