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sick guinea pig

  1. R

    Help, guinea pig eating less and slow

    Ever since i came back from a four day holiday my guinea pig, Patchy, was eating his dinner and grass extremely slowly, and he seemed to look unwell. He and his brother, Chewy (the most confident piggy in the world) were at my mothers friends house. But this weekend was extremely hot and the...
  2. M

    My guinea pig is sick

    My guinea pig, Rocket, won't eat and won't drink. I've had him for about I'd say maybe a year or almost a year and he is supposedly a male but I'm not quite sure. He has milky pupils. He is very skinny, he seems to limp to a corner and just sit there. My other guinea pig,Neveen and a male...
  3. leahplayne

    Red/Orange Pee

    Recently one of my two guinea pigs (I can’t figure out which one) took a pee while out on a mat playing. I went to go wipe it up and noticed the colour is not normal compared to the normal colour of their pee. Does this look concerning? Should I speak to a vet or could it be something they...
  4. P

    Urgent: Please Help My Guinea Pig

    My guinea pig is very sick and I can't pay her vet bills and I'm very scared she will die. Could you please donate? Thank you so much. It means the world to me LINKS REMOVED BY MODS. Breach of forum rules
  5. HW023

    Pig Off Food, Need Help!

    Sorry, this is gonna be a long one. I need help. Ive had my baby Pigpog for 3 years. i adopted him and they didnt know how old he was so his overall age is a mystery. A few months ago he started drinking more than usual, took him to the vet they said just keep an eye on it, if it get too...
  6. Scott&Cinnamon

    Undiagnosed Illness, Very Worried About My Piggy

    Hi guys, this is my first ever post and I’m sick with worry about my piggy Scott, chronically ill myself and sleep deprived so please be kind. Scottie started showing symptoms 3 days ago. Unfortunately we’ve not noticed his weight loss which I really feel bad about. His eyes are small and as...
  7. B

    Sick Cavy

    Hi there, I'm not in the UK but Australia, however not a lot of vets know very much about guinea pigs where I am. I have a rather important question, I'll give some background to go with it so it can be understood: I have a guinea pig named Rosemary that I have had for 18 months, and is...
  8. Barnyard Boars

    Sick Skinnie Needing Advice Asap

    Hello, I'm new to owning piggies and have 2 right now. I have a skinnie named Melvin and a guinea pig named Harvey... I got Melvin close to a year ago, and felt he was lonely and needed a pal so I got Harvey, Harvey has been around probably close to half a year and is still coming around to...
  9. P

    Sick Guinea, Weird Behaviour?

    Hi, Jasper, one of my guinea Pigs has gotten ill, looks like kidney stones or old age, as is pretty old now and losing condition. He was a rescue and is a very anxious guinea pig so I am just making him comfortable and happy for the time he has left. However today I noticed some really odd...
  10. Lilythepig2017

    We Pulled Our Pig Off All Meds She She Got Better: Lily’s Story

    First I will start off by saying, I cannot recommend what we did. There are situations when medicine is vital to saving your pig. This was a very personal decision we made for our pig. I just wanted to post in case it helps someone their pig. So we adopted our pig Lily a month ago. She is 4...
  11. N

    Upper Respiratory Infection Continues

    So since October 1st there’s been a rollercoaster of my guineapig Mickey continuously getting upper respiratory infection, I take her to a vet and they give her baytril for a week, after that it seized but then noises came back and I got worried so once again we went to a vet and they gave us...
  12. 0

    Guinea Pig Isn't Eating Much And Won't Leave His Hut

    Help! my guinea pig (Luna) started jumping into the sides and the top of his cage last night around 2:30. he has lived in that cage since i got him 9 months ago. nothing has changed since then either. i was giving him floor time and i put him back in his cage when i went to bed and a few hours...
  13. N

    Guinea Pig With Ongoing Respiratory Problems :(

    Since October 1st my guinea pig Mickey has had issues, first it was her breathing making my vet believe she had a URI meaning antibiotics for a week, from there she seemed fine but started getting problems again with breathing a sound of a stuffy nose when she breathed so I brought her to the...
  14. A

    Guinea Pig Died All The Sudden

    My pig died unexpectedly during the night because when I woke up I went to check up on her she was lying on the floor stiff. I was shocked, she was only 3 and a half years old I don’t think it’s because of old age. I fed her regularly and I was going to clean her cage today. Her cage was big. I...
  15. stripeybeanie

    Unexplained Weight Loss - Hyper Thyroid?

    Hi everyone, has anyone had a piggy with hyperthyroidism? Dot is approx 4yo and had to be spayed in January (discovered during a regular checkup). She recovered really well and been fine since but recently I noticed she was losing weight - quickly. Luckily she had a bit of extra timber to act...
  16. N

    Respiratory Issues?

    So two weeks ago my guinea pig stopped eatting and pooping but I got her medication to help with her respiratory illness and also gave her critical care, the vet only provided me with the medication to only last for a week, by the time the week was over she seemed healthy again eatting on her...
  17. Jennybug89

    Vitamin Solution

    As I want to aid Rosie's recovery to the best of my ability, has anyone used or would recommend this particular vitamin solution for piggies, as my vet suggested getting her one?
  18. E

    Arthritis In Back Legs

    Hi, We have 3 guinea pigs, all girl siblings, and they're outside piggies. One of our girls recently developed arthritis in her back legs (discovered last night as we had taken her to the vets). She's been put on metacam, and we're keeping a close eye on her, as she's eating and drinking fine...
  19. Roopa

    Sick Cavy

    Hi All, I made a post on pet forums about this and was advised to ask around here to help shed some light on my piggie's situation. I have a boar called Theo who was bleeding when he urinated. I took him to the vets who said he had a penis infection and said that I should give him baytril and...
  20. H

    Two Of My Guinea Pigs Are Having A Hard Time Walking/lifting Their Heads

    So I've had these Guinea Pigs for over a year and they've been in great care. When I got them, they were healthy and happy. I've fed them and given them water as well as hay, fruits, and vegetables. Now my two girls are having a hard time functioning. They can eat fine, they just can't get to...