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wont drink

  1. Hiimkrystle

    Pigge eating but not drinking

    Hi there! My guinea pig is home from the hospital on critical care. She's finally eating hay! I'm so happy she is eating hay but she has still shown absolutely no interest in her water bottle. Is there anything I can do? I know she is getting some water from the critical care that I'm syringe...
  2. Ruby200e

    Loss of appetite, feed critical care?

    Chorizo was doing really well, but out of nowhere, all he does is sleep and doesn’t even squeak for food, compared to his cage mate, Tiny, he doesn’t eat or drink water. He seems depressed:( I’m scared something may be wrong with him, he used to be such a sweet little piggie and always...
  3. 0

    Guinea Pig Isn't Eating Much And Won't Leave His Hut

    Help! my guinea pig (Luna) started jumping into the sides and the top of his cage last night around 2:30. he has lived in that cage since i got him 9 months ago. nothing has changed since then either. i was giving him floor time and i put him back in his cage when i went to bed and a few hours...
  4. G

    Disoriented, Lazy And Wont Eate/drink

    I'm currently with my girlfriend and she has 3 guinea pigs. One of them suddenly got sick. We checked on them about an hour ago and they were all fine. Now one of them is disoriented (refuses to walk and falls over and cant get up again) and she wont eat or drink... She is only almoste 2 months...