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  1. T

    For those who have lost their piggy and are now left with one but are not ready/do not want another piggy…please read.

    Hello all, if you are a grieving guinea pig parent, I am firstly so sorry for your loss. If you have a single guinea pig now and are concerned with what to do and are not fully ready to get a second guinea pig and/or you do not want another guinea pig, this post is for you. So recently I had...
  2. emmyk89

    Don't understand new lone pigs behaviour

    Hello! I was a pig owner a few years back I had 2 boars who were brothers and bonded. 5 days ago I rescued a single 1yo boar who was advertised online in a little cage totally unsuitable for a pig so I took him in, with the intention to get him a friend within the next couple of months...
  3. V

    Bonding My Current Guinea Pig To Two New Ones

    Hi! Currently I just have my single guinea pig and have not partnered him yet. I got him from a family friend who was breeding and couldn't take his brother as well because he was claimed. Around 7-8 weeks after my guinea pig and his brother were born there was another single birth from the same...
  4. xkellyrose11x

    Cage Mate After Death?

    My Guinea Pig has recently died and now her cage mate is all alone. I have two male Guinea Pigs in a separate cage, and the now single female in a rabbit hutch. She is two years old. I know Guinea Pigs should be in groups. Should I get a new cage mate for the female, and if so how old? (Planning...
  5. Stayc1989

    Advice Needed About A Friend

    I have a friend who I work with and she is 32 and has never had a boyfriend. She has met guys before and been on dates but it has never gone anywhere other than just friends. She has been on several dating websites and chatted to a met a few men from there but has recently deleted all accounts...