1. Lizzieejoyce

    Tunnels vs Runaround Space

    Hello you wonderful bunch! Is it better to put multiple tunnels in their hutch or fewer so they have room to run around? My 2 are in their pen with lots of tunnels/huts during the day. At night they are put into their hutch which has a ramp in the middle going up to the upstairs ‘bedroom’...
  2. N

    Is my cage big enough for 4 piggies?

    Hi there, I'm currently looking into upgrading my piggies cage, I currently have 2 male pigs in a pet shop cage (I know it's bad, it's only temporary and they are out all the time) I'm looking into building my own cage and using a base that will be 150cm × 75cm and eventually I want to grow my...
  3. Lil3piggies

    Size Difference

    Hi guys! Not sure which forum to post this in but I have two males, both the same age (so I was told when I bought them- and they were the same size) but Artie is now loads bigger than Archie who still seems tiny. When I hold Artie he feels nice and chubby how I imagine a guinea pig should be...
  4. Shadow22

    Herd Size

    This is probably a dumb question, but does it take a certain number of piggies to make a herd? Also, I want a good size herd but I'm not sure how many I should have. Any suggestions?
  5. C Newell

    Is This Suitable Housing For 3 Sows?

    Hello, I am looking to buy my 3 girls (currently only 6 weeks old) a new home as they are eating and growing fast! They live indoors and was thinking a hutch would be better for us as our cat is very interesred in them. I also have 3 children so i thought a hutch would be more sturdy and...
  6. Piggiesxoxo

    Cage Sizes?!?

    A lot of different sites say different things and I wanted to make sure I get this right! I have one piggy right now and I might get another (Pumpkin is from a pet store, but I learned how it's better to get them from shelters!) and I was wondering would this be a good size cage for 1-2 cavys?
  7. V

    Fleece Liners - Layering Uhaul Pads

    I'm getting my supplies reading so I can start making my own fleece liners! I'm so excited! Just ordered two extra large uhaul pads 150x300 cm! What do you guys recommend? One layer of uhaul pads or two layers of uhaul pads? Andy why? I'm still hesatating about how to cut up the uhaul pads...
  8. Sharon Cleary

    Cage Size For 5 Sows?

    What is the recommended cage size for 5 sows? I currently have 2 guinea pigs, but want to adopt 3 pigs that need to be rehomed. My pigs are housed in a wooden cage I made that measures 40" x 68" (18.8 sqft2). Will my current cage support the space required for five total sows, when I...
  9. Gia

    Big Boy?

    Hey everyone! My new-ish boar, Gus, is four months old. I was just wondering if he is pretty big for his size. I saw a sow from my city at the state fair that was a dalmation too. She was probably from the same local breeder. (FYI, I am not a fan of breeders. I am hopefully going to adopt...
  10. kerri Davidson

    New Piggies - Diy Cage

    Hi there, I'm thinking about getting 2 piggies next month and want to build a home for them. My last guinea pig lived on his own indoors and had a plastic cage and metal run but i want to try making my own one and have found some pretty good ideas on pintrest etc! The thing I'm struggling to find...