skin infection

  1. Lizzieejoyce

    Hair loss. HELP!

    Hi everyone TL;DR - ongoing skin problem and hair loss. Been to the vets 3 times and she’s still not better, any suggestions please?! My guinea pig, Agnes, has had a skin problem since late August. Another guinea pig of mine had a fungal infection when Agnes started to lose hair so I treated...
  2. YourPigness

    Pig with scab like skin condition getting bigger

    Strange skin condition on pig's hind end. Loss of hair, it feels a bit hard. It dosen't seem to bother him though, no biting or scratching. He otherwise seems like a perfectly fine piggy. He eats fine, his energy level is normal, he poops fine. His brother pig doesn't seem to be interested in it...
  3. H

    Guinea pig crusty hairloss

    Hey all! I'm in desperate need of some advice! My poor Wilma has a big bald patch on her backend, it appeared a day or so after she had given birth (accidental pregnancy which resulted in just one large stillborn boar). She is completely well in herself, eating and drinking, doesn't seem unhappy...
  4. H

    Vet update!

    my boy just had his first appointment with the vets, and unfortunately a few issues did come up :( 1. I have been clipping his nails and I thought his coat seemed clean and healthy. However, because he's never been groomed by his humans, he needs a bath with a mild shampoo, which I think I...
  5. Kiki_mushu_winry

    Young pig with bad dandruff

    Hello all. I have a 9 month old American roan girl (Winry, photo for cute tax) who’s been having really bad dandruff. She lives with my two other 1.5yo girls who do not have any skin issues at all. I got her from a private breeder in January 2020 at 8 weeks. At first I thought it might be...