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  1. Siikibam

    Behind The Ear

    Today was weigh-in day and overall check for the boys. I noticed that Toffee had an area behind the ear that was a little bare. The skin looked kind of dry, but I haven’t noticed him scratching himself a lot there or anything. He didn’t like me moving his hair to look at it, and shook himself a...
  2. T

    What Is This On His Back?

    Hello, I've noticed two dry bumps when I was petting Pika. It looks like a slit, width is about 4-5mm. Here's a picture. There is no reason for a cut. No blood traces. I'd appreciate any clues. There are not any Guinea pig specialized vets around me. Thanks very much.
  3. L

    Help! Lump On Guinea Pig :(

    Hi, I have noticed this rather large lump on my guinea pigs stomach. He also looks like his coat is greasy and full of white specs. Anyone have any ideas ? :( taking him to the vet tomorrow
  4. Celine298

    Itchy Pig

    Hi guys! A while ago I posted a thread here about my boy Sunny. He had a fungal infection in his skin but has since been treated and given the all clear by the vet. He was also checked for mange mites and given the all clear. This was a few months ago and he's still quite itchy. He's and Abby...
  5. Sophie

    Skin Issue - Guinea Pig Scratching Himself Red Raw

    Hello! Not posted on here for a while so I hope everyone and their piggies are doing well! I'm looking for some advice because i'm out of options! My piggie Pebble is a male approximately 1 and a half years old. He used to live with my other boar Forest Gump, I noticed they were bickering a bit...
  6. MrsJamie

    Dry Ears

    My texel Guinea pig Ferb has dry skin on his ears. I am aware texel Guinea pigs are prone to skin problems however he is the first texel I have ever had. Should I be concerned at this stage or is this normal? He is happy, eating and squeaking and doesn't flinch when I touch his ears/the dry...
  7. WinnieandBear

    Fungal? Pus? Strange White Lumpy Matter? Please Help

    Hello again guys, I have discovered yet another problem with one of my girls this morning. Bear has a strange lumpy white/green matter above her nose which doesn't wipe off and I'm suspecting some sort of fungal infection? It's in a strip down her nose and looks like lots of tiny white eggs or...
  8. WinnieandBear

    Strange Lump On Neck

    I was grooming one of my piggies this evening and while me and my mum were giggling about florries very fluffy and somewhat saggy neck, I noticed a small pea sized lump could be felt within the fold of skin. It doesn't seem attached to anything except for loose skin and is under the skin and is...
  9. WinnieandBear

    Lice Infestation?!?!

    I recently noticed the girls scratching more especially today and so checked Florries fur, I noticed a brown fleck and upon further investigation it was wriggling about and soon found another one. I am so creeped out but even more worried how I am going to make the girls feel better and get rid...
  10. WinnieandBear

    Dry Skin... Common Or Possibly A Problem?

    Hello! I was cuddling my sow piggy Bear this evening and felt something in her fur. Upon closer inspection it almost looked like a tiny scab. I found another one on her skin and when brushing through her fur, I noticed tiny flakes on my white dresser. Does anybody know what this could be? My...
  11. Stevenxxx

    Guinea Pigs Flaky Skin

    I've noticed that my Guinea pig has flaky skin on his rear end / lower half of his back and when I touch it to try and look at his skin he jumps to get away from me as if it hurts, I don't know what it could be ? Any suggestions please?