skinny pig

  1. K

    Swollen Toe

    Hi all, I need some advice. My skinny pig, Snowflake, has had a swollen toe for 2 weeks now. When I saw that it was swollen, I immediately started on Betadine soaks and antibiotic cream. It got much better and then last Saturday night when I checked on him it was quite a bit worse. I got a vet...
  2. A

    Guinea pig may have eaten chocolate!

    Hi guys, I was just looking for some reassurance, my skinny pig, Piggy, may have eaten chocolate off the floor. We have a small box that we put piddle pads in on the floor when we bring him downstairs so if he has to pee or he poops or we need to put him down it’s right there We put him down...
  3. C

    Bites or skin condition (skinny pig)

    Our skinny pig has some sortve bite or skin thingy on it. Does occasionally show agression towards other pigs but only dominance. Not sure if its a bite or something else. Also has dry skin patches. Anyone seen anything like this before? On her neck and bum seen in the link. The dry patches come...
  4. Dystopoly

    Persephone Chirping!

    I was getting some work done today when I suddenly heard my skinny girl making a noise I’d never heard her make before - and soon realized she was CHIRPING! I’m so lucky I caught it on camera, but I wish I knew what the heck was going on inside her head lol!
  5. Tlong

    Skinny Pig Bathing

    Hi there, I have a 6mos old male skinny pig and wanted to ask about bathing. My boy gets pretty dusty at times not to mention he likes to pee where he sleeps even though I change his fleece out daily! I just have read a couple of different approaches to bathing them or suggestions to not bathe...
  6. GeorgiaHarris

    Double chin?

    I’ve noticed my skinny pigs have what looks like a double chin, I’ve had a feel and there’s no lumps and they don’t seem to be in any pain or discomfort because of it, so I’m wondering if it is maybe fat, but I don’t think they are overweight at all. My pink girl, Amara has the biggest ‘chin’...
  7. I

    Eye troubles

    Hi I am a new owner of skinny pigs I have 3 ! They are all amazing and I'm loving getting to know them and this forum has been such a help ! Two days after bringing them home we noticed one had a lot of sleep I'm his eye and he was favouring the other and we clean it for him and kept an eye on...
  8. C

    Meloxicam Causing Death

    After losing a battle with my almost 3-year-old skinny pig (Hairless guinea pig) to dermatitis that went into the bones, I had decided to get a baby hairless guinea pig to keep my almost 2-year-old guy, company. I had taken the new baby guinea pig I named Phelix, to the vet. His penis had gotten...
  9. J


    Hi, I have a three month old hairless guinea pig. He has been itching and biting himself very frequently and has one major spot where I believe he scratched raw that has now began to heal, but it is dry and flaky. First I thought he had mange mites, but after being given a topical dose of...
  10. K

    9 week old skinny pigs poop question

    Hey! So 2 days ago I got 2 skinny pigs and I’m struggling a bit with them and struggling to find information online about them... When they came here their poo was softer than it should be but I’ve minimised watery veg and it seems to have helped... however, they are both still getting...
  11. GeorgiaHarris

    Should I try bonding my 2 pairs?

    At the start of 2019 I adopted a pair of long haired sows and in September I decided to get a baby skinny pig sow to join my girls. The bonding did not go well and I was advised by people on here that it wouldn’t work out as one of my girls was lunging and nipping my skinny baby, so the next day...
  12. adussiaQ

    Skinny pig red spots!

    Hello everyone, About a week ago my skinny pig Jelly got what appears to be a spot on his back. It was quite red but not risen. It looked a bit like a scab so I assumed he scratched himself too hard so I just trimmed his nails. Yesterday I saw 3 more of these spots but no scab just red spots. I...
  13. I'm not sure

    Can i ask for advise

    I've had Guinea pigs my hole life and they've always been little rugby balls but one of me three Guinea pigs is quite skinny. He is a happy little chap and gets along with his brothers I try to feed him separately when I can but he just hardly eats. You can feel his spine and legs and is just a...
  14. 8

    Skinny pig too skinny need help ASAP

    I have 5 piggies and all of them are healthy and normal looking except my skinny he is too skinny and I’m sooooo very worried he has a big healthy looking belly but you can see his ribs and hips he eats more than the rest of my piggies but still looks so skinny and I don’t know why and I don’t...
  15. Dystopoly

    Bonding Skinny Pig?

    So, I’ve had my skinny pig (Persephone) for about a month now, and she’s nice and settled in with no disruption to my males in the same room (but unable to see her.) I’ve been keeping an eye out for a while for any suitable adoption girls to be able to put with her, and one has JUST come up that...
  16. GeorgiaHarris

    Sow lunging during bonding

    I am currently bonding my 2 6 month old sows to my new 7 week old skinny pig. My one girl Ruby (grey Peruvian) seems to be getting on fine with her but my other girl Meg (texel) keeps lunging, chasing and nipping at her. They’ve been together for about an hour now and she’s still doing it. I...
  17. Dystopoly

    New Skinny Pig Owner! Help?

    So, I made a post very early last week about possibly taking home a female skinny pig if things worked out with my boars in the same room - and everything did! So now I have a beautiful, sweet rescue skinny pig and I want to make absolutely sure she’s getting the best care possible. I’m taking...
  18. S

    New bumps on skin?

    Hi there- My skinny pig, Mickey, recently showed two hard bumps on her skin. The one on her side is much harder and neither of them appear to bother her when touched, rubbed or poked. She hasn't been chewing that area and she has been eating, playing, drinking as per usual. She has a cage mate...
  19. Amyspuddan

    Gut stasis after care and advise please!

    Hi everyone Please could I have someones advice on my piggy and what I should do? I took my piggy to the vet as he wasn't eating. He got diagnosed with gut stasis and was advised to keep him for 24hours, so he was kept in and treated for the 24hours. We got him back fed him as normal and gave...
  20. A

    Guinea pig making wet noise when he eats?

    My skinny pig has been eating weird and now and then makes so sort of wet noise he also has to hold his food down and rips pieces off of it? My other Guineas have never done any of these things? And I just over thinking? Help! He eats perfectly fine though and hasn’t stopped at all.