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  1. C

    Smelly fleece :/

    After switching to fleece it’s so far been cost effective, clean and neat. However, after only two days a urine smell has taken over my room. I made the cage liners myself, with a mattress topper in the middle of 2 fleece sheets. I spot clean daily, and I have pads for high traffic areas but...
  2. G

    How many pigs of which genders?

    Hi All! I have a 5x2 C&C cage, I don't want it to smell too much as it's in my living room, but i want my pigs to be the happiest pigs! I'm stuck on one boy two girls (neutered of course), three girls, or two of any gender pairing. Which genders are chattiest? Would two boys be smellier...
  3. PandaBaird

    I'm changing from shavings to fleece soon, I'm new to fleece bedding so I'd like advice on what the best fleece and absorbant material

    Hi I'm moving house soon and I'd like to switch to fleece bedding for my 4 girls to keep any smell to a minumum and also because it looks nice, they're going to be in one of the spare rooms or maybe even the kitchen, I'm going to put their run on top of a raised platform so they're not on the...
  4. M

    My Peruvian Can't Find Her Food

    I have an Abyssinian and a Peruvian (both female). Ever since they were little the Peruvian seemed pretty stupid compared to the Abyssinian. Or so I thought. I think that my Peruvian is either getting dumber with age (she's only 1 year old) or something else is wrong. Recently she has been having...
  5. N

    How Can I Help Prevent Mess And Smell?

    I've had my two boys for three months now. When I first bought them I had woodchips in the cage and I've been cleaning them out twice a week. I don't mind cleaning them out twice a week but I hate that the woodchips get everywhere! They're indoor piggies and they're kept in my room so I am...
  6. Dana95

    Smelly Poops

    I have two guinea pigs and even though they eat the same food, one of them has a really bad smeling poops. It smells like vinegar or something acidic...(cat poo smells like roses compared to that). They are on fleece and everything is going great, but the smell from the poops is filling up the...
  7. bumbling-bambi

    Smelly Cage = Grumpy Boars?

    So just as a quick disclaimer i am aware that boars can be grouchy and that dominance plays a big part in this! I know who is the dominant pig and who is the submissive but i was just wondering if anyone else finds this! Also i apologise in advance for the novel i am about to write! So my boys...
  8. B


    Hi! I'm new, literally signed up to ask you kind people this question because I'm at my wits end. I have a neutered boar, Nigel, and his latest girlfriend Gracie. They live happily together on, until recently, fleece (with mattress toppers and towels underneath) in our living room in a...
  9. S


    hello, I have 2 male Guinea pigs and was wondering for some advice. I've had the piggies for a week now, I have spot cleaned the cage everyday and changed the fleece blanket I use twice in the space if the week, under the fleece blanket I have a roll of carpet and under that some newspaper. This...