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  1. Kevin_Haae

    Sort Of Odd/silly Health Questions From A Newbie Piggie Owner

    So I've bought two piggies from a pet store (no adoption agencies around me as far as I know), and while they seem happy, I wanted to ask 2 things about their health. First question: how often do piggies sneeze typically? my piggies have been sneezing a bit more then I'd expect. I have them in...
  2. Kimberleyccoops

    New Guinea Snuffles

    After recently loosing my old girl, I have got a baby to keep the other girl company (they are about a years difference in age) the new one is about 10 weeks old. They are getting on very well but I’ve noticed they are both snuffling a little bit and sneezing. I’ve read somewhere that they...
  3. Brooke03

    Guinea Pig Sneezing & Coughing

    Hello everyone! :) My guinea pig suddenly starts to sneeze or cough. This usually happens randomly like when I'm petting her or after she eats hay. I know guinea pigs sometimes cough when they eat to fast but I'm still really worried cause this started happening 1 1\2 weeks ago.
  4. csmith9nr


    new guinea pig Sneezing a lot, there not loud just sound like small puff sounds. He's eating, drinking and doing everything else fine. I don't know why and he's been like that since I got him 3 days ago. I can't take him to the vet as I've been working. He's about 8 weeks old, what do you think...
  5. Beans&Toast

    Beans Has A Runny Nose And Sneezing

    I'm panicking about Beans. Last night I noticed a bit of of a wet nose, and the same this morning. She's sneezed a few times too. Obviously I'm panicking about a URI or something. Or could it be that she constantly burrows in hay? She usually has some green in her nostrils from burrowing in...
  6. Zelsi

    Congested Guinea Pig (seen The Vet 3 Times)

    Hi All! I have a piggy called Monty who is just over 2 years old. He lives with his brother Trevor. Trevor's fine and doesn't have any problems. They live in a massive cage with a paper based bedding. It's got a hay rack in it as well of course, with water, pellets etc. I've had guinea pigs...
  7. Picallily

    New Here & Need Advice!

    Hello, I'm Kate and have just joined the forum! I have two guineapigs Pippin(4 years), and Bertie (2 years). I am in need of some advice for Pip, as all of a sudden he has had a sneezing "fit" where he sneezed approx 10 times in 6/7 minutes. I took him out of his cage and he had a little play...
  8. W

    Guinea Pig Is Sneezing

    I have two guinea pigs. They have been treated for a URI a couple weeks ago since they were sneezing and one had a crusty eye. I went on holidays and after 15 days I saw them and they seemed to be doing great, their fur was amazingly soft and they had grown a bit more (they're 4 and 6 months...
  9. Raefire

    Uri Symptoms / Allergies?

    So, I adopted 2 guinea pigs about a week ago, and the bedding they came with causes dust. I understand that dusty bedding is bad for guinea pigs, but I didn't want to stress them out even more by cleaning their cage and replacing their bedding in less than a week. I'm cleaning their cage later...
  10. Mishatoe

    My Guinea Pig Sneezes

    I've had a baby guinea pig for about a month now and the whole time I've been noticing she sneezes. It's usually never excessive, but yesterday she sneezed four times close together. Today it was once. She doesn't seem to have any other symptoms of a URI. She eats like a horse and drinks. She...
  11. TinaRohan

    Sneezing Piggy

    My 1 year old pig lives with 2 younger ones in a hutch outside, and she has been noticed sneezing for the past couple days. The weather has been quite windy/rainy, which would explain if she's gotten a flu. What should I do for her to get well again?
  12. A

    Dried Boogers But Nothing Else

    My guinea pig, Alexander, has been developing dried boogers lately. Its kind of funny because food or paper bedding gets stuck out of his nose (which makes him look silly) but at the same time, I don't know if I should worry or not. I always use paper bedding but I never used Pine or wood...
  13. jpy3

    Sneezy, Snotty Guinea Pigs

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice?, my long haired piggie has been quite unwell for the past month or so, snotty nose, sneezing, runny eyes etc, the first round of antibiotics the vets gave him did nothing and now we're coming to the end of the second lot he still isn't much...
  14. Aliceandbuddy

    New Piggy Sounds Bunged Up

    Hi I have a new guinea pig, he is four months old but the family he belonged to needed to get rid of him as they have yappy dogs. They said there isn't anything wrong with him and he's a happy guy and he is but I noticed from first having him that he's quite sneezy and when I looked it up I got...
  15. bribri1298

    Trouble Dealing With Uri

    When I got my second guinea pig, Cookie in June, a couple weeks later I noticed that he was congested. So I took him to a vet and I was told he had a URI and they gave me antibiotics, i.e. Bactrim (0.4 ml, two times a day) He was on bactrim for a week and later on he got sick again, so I asked...
  16. Chancey

    Not Very Active - Diagnosed With Infection.

    Hi there, My three little piggies that I brought home last Monday haven't been doing too great (we think they may have had this before we got them as they were showing symptoms then as well - milder though). They've all been sneezing and coughing quite a lot, as well as scratching - the...
  17. G


    Hey guys, I've had my two boys for nearly a year now. I have noticed in the past few days that one of my guinea pigs, Duke, has been sneezing a bit more than he used to. He doesn't seem to be constantly sneezing but he never used to and I'm worried he may be ill. He hasn't shown any other...
  18. Megannah

    Crusty Fur Above Nose

    My piggie Marshall has got a bit of crusty fur above his nose and seems to be sneezing a lot, when I listen to his breathing he does seem a bit wheezy, should I be worried and take him to a vet ? Or is it fine ? I'm quite new to this as I've only had my two boys a year today and they have never...
  19. Tessa Marie


    About 4 days ago i had gotten a male guinea. Ended up getting promoted so I went out and got him a buddy since i could no longer give him the 2 hours of attention he needs a day for being the only guinea. Everything was fine. Went to work and they were left alone for 7ish hours. When i got home...
  20. Guinea Days

    Hay Or Shredded Newspaper

    we are wondering what is best for guinea pigs to sleep and live in...obviously they go out on the grass to have a run around but is hay or shredded paper better for them? because very rarely they sneeze..(we use hay)... but in the winter they have shredded and they don't? is this because of...