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  1. lauryn1289

    Gut stasis?

    I’ve posted about my pig Bobby and his bladder stone here Does anyone know what this noise means? (I didn’t wanna keep adding to this thread incase nobody sees this) Today he’s not pooping normally, I’ve seen 2 poops in about 2 hours. Earlier there was maybe 5 huge poops in one go. He’s...
  2. D

    Guinea Pig (F, 2.5yrs old) Showing pain when pooping - unsure the Vet is moving fast enough, advice needed!

    Hello everyone, I've included a video link at the bottom of this post to show the pain our poor Guinea Pig is in whenever she tries to poop. Poor girl has been sick for a month now, first two weeks she was not eating due to an abscess in her mouth (Now healed, more details HERE) and then the...
  3. L

    4 1/2 year old guinea pig health problems

    Hello. I am the owner of 2 male guinea pigs. My one guinea pig, Gus, has been having stomach problems for about a month now. Symptoms: diarrhea and distention initially. Current symptoms: diarrhea, distention, weight loss (to the point where I can now feel his spine), dandruff, thinning fur, and...
  4. lucyjane123

    My Guinea Pig Died So Young

    So earlier my guinea pig George aged 3 died suddenly. He was absolutely fine yesterday until this morning when he refused to eat. We booked him a vets appointment for later as my mum was at work all day. I came downstairs to hearing him making a wheezing noise as well as howling and hiding away...
  5. Williams15

    Worried About Bloat!

    Hi, I'm new to this site so apologies if there is already an existing topic on this. I own two sows who are three years old. Yesterday I was giving them cucumber when I noticed one of my guinea pigs, who is the bigger of the two, had a slightly swollen stomach. At first I thought she may have...
  6. CraigGlasgow

    Chronic Bloat/uti? Vet Stumped.

    Hello again all, Weasley's been back in and out of the vets all week with bloatig and what looked like a recurrence of his uti. They had him in for an xray today and couldn't find any stones in the bladder or urinary tract which is positive, but they also said his stomache still looks very...
  7. lindsayl

    Lumps On Belly

    Hi All, A few weeks ago I noticed two wee lumps on my pigs belly. They didn't seem to be bothering him at all and I thought I would wait a little while to see if his behaviour changed or if they grew in size before making an appointment at the vets. However, after looking on here I have seen a...
  8. L

    Tender Stomach

    My Guinea Pig has been acting a little different.. He has been eating, sleeping, and resting normally, but whimpers when you touch his underbelly. It seems like his skin might be sensitive or something else is up..? He is a 6 month old male.
  9. N

    How To Tell If A Guinea Pig Has Bloat, And What To Do?

    Hi So I've rescued two piggies recently and one of them is a lot rounder than the other. We took her to the vets a couple of weeks ago because she seemed in pain and she was put on antibiotics because the vet suspected an infection which may have caused bloating ( I must admit the vet didn't...
  10. PiggyOinkOink

    Emergency Rebecca Might Have Bloat Or Water Retention?

    I was giving Rebecca a cut and blow dry earlier and I noticed that when I would hold her up in my palm (she is a runner!), I heard what sounded like water does when it's inside a bottle and rushing to one side and making a 'plop' sound. I thought it was her squeaking to not be held but I tilted...