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  1. L

    one swollen nostril

    Hi guys, yesterday I noticed my guinea pig has one nostril swollen. She is completely normal, eating, drinking, playing. It is just the one swollen nostril. It seems like it doesnt hurt her either, she is ok with me touching it. Could it be that just a piece of hay that could have hurt her? Or...
  2. Martina97

    Swollen Toe

    Hi everyone, This is Martina from Italy. I'm very worried about one of my two piggies. Last Tuesday, while I was trimming his nails, I noticed that he was missing one and that he had a swollen toe. I can't really think about when he could have lost it - never found any bloodstain in the cage nor...
  3. Raefire

    Signs Of Bumble Foot / Swollen Feet?

    So, I have two female guinea pigs one named Cookie, and the other Cream. Just about 45 minutes ago I was cleaning their cage and Cookie was running around the cage I was not cleaning at the time and I noticed her feet are reeaaally red. So, obviously I got concerned and since neither of them...
  4. Williams15

    Worried About Bloat!

    Hi, I'm new to this site so apologies if there is already an existing topic on this. I own two sows who are three years old. Yesterday I was giving them cucumber when I noticed one of my guinea pigs, who is the bigger of the two, had a slightly swollen stomach. At first I thought she may have...
  5. CraigGlasgow

    Ball On End Of Nipple And Swollen Testicles?

    Hey all, Weasley is still suffering his tummy problems but he is starting to have more good days than bad since stopping his meds and going on to his dry diet with minimal pellets, although he's been chewing the correx in protest of the pellet reduction! :P I noticed a few days ago his nipple...
  6. D

    Large, Angry Looking Lump On Side

    So I suppose I should start from the beginning, shouldn't I? So a few months ago (maybe five or six) I noticed a small lump, about the size of a pea, on my cavy's side. I was a little panicked, because she's one of the first guinea pigs I've ever had and I had never experienced something like...
  7. P

    Urgent Swollen Penis

    Checked my year old Dave today and saw his penis was really swollen with the two horns. Is going to the vets tomorrow but need help on what it is. Doesn't seem painful since I can touch it without him squeaking. I don't know if he is peeing and pooping. Thanks!
  8. Caitlin Wilson

    Swollen/enlarged Testicles

    My 18 month old testicles have recently been noticeably large and seemed to have enlarged overnight. I took him to the vets, they seemed to think there was a lump on his testicle, and he had tests that came back inconclusive. They told me i could either do the test again or have him go under gas...
  9. HenryRalph

    Very Sore Swollen Eye

    hey everyone, I'm so worried about Henry.. This morning he was absolutely fine and I've come back this evening and got him out for a cuddle and his eye is completely swollen and closed, it looks so so sore. To start with he seemed a bit lifeless but I'm not sure if that's because he is just...