timothy hay

  1. Isabellajones

    Hay giveaway!

    Hi guys, I have 4kg of premium Timothy hay to give away. It comes in two 2kg boxes from Little Hay Co. I bought it for my Guinea Pig and discovered I’m massively allergic to it as well as my pig preferring his original silky soft hay. I don’t want anything for it but you would have to come...
  2. CavyL0ver

    Stargrass Hay

    I'm living in the Philippines and it is pretty expensive to buy timothy hay online. I have always bought my guinea pigs 1kg timothy hay but I saw a great deal in the online shopping site I use. 10kg of hay star-grass hay for only 750 PHP (13 EUR) instead of 1kg of timothy hay for 170 PHP (3 EUR)...
  3. veesilver

    Hay suggestions: my piggie doesn't eat Timothy Hay

    Hi everyone! My baby Peach doesn't seem to eat hay (I see her rarely munching on it, but she is always wheeking for her favourite food - a muesli dry mix, which she was fed at her breeder and I am trying to remove from her diet). She certainly doesn't have 80% hay in her diet at the moment, and...
  4. furmom.pau

    Opinions on Timothy

    I am currently on the journey of finding the best timothy hay for picky pigs. Dustless, very green, leafy and less stalk, sweet smell, long strands. What's your piggy's top hay? The brand that makes them eat all the bits and leaves almost nothing.
  5. Sgartland98

    I need soft hay options !

    Hello I purchased hay from small pet select and I absolutely hate it. I recently purchased the oxbow hay blends western Timothy hay and orchard hay mixed I was wondering if that’s a good hay to feed my boys ?
  6. Hannahb2804

    Type of hay and where to purchase

    Hi! Wondering if anyone could help me, I’ve been doing my research on the best hay to buy for piggies, Preferably id want to buy one big box to use for both the toilet tray and hay bag but I know some people chose to do one type of hay for one and one the other so if anyone could answer these...
  7. S

    Recommended hay racks?

    Hello, my lovelies. 😊 I’m just looking for some suggestions on what hay racks work best for your piggies in keeping at least some of the hay clean and edible. I have tried a couple of different types but no joy yet, they are still quite small so some they can’t reach or get into properly. I...
  8. A

    1 year old and 3 month old. What food is better?

    I have a 1 year and 1 month old guinea pig who lives in the same cage as a 3 month old guinea pig. Should I feed pellets and hay made for adult guinea pigs or ones made for baby guinea pigs?
  9. Guptheguineapig

    Homemade Hay "Critical Care"

    Can I soak Timothy Hay in water and then blend that mix up in a blender with a little apple sauce or pellets for my guinea pig? The Critical Care is causing her poops to soften. The last thing we need is diarrhea.
  10. Guptheguineapig

    Specialist Ear Infection/falling over

    Hello there! I have a little girl named Tippy. She was a rescue from a pet store. She was kept in the back room because she had a head tilt and they couldn't put her out in the front with the rest of the pigs... When I rescued her she was reported infection free (which now I don't believe)...
  11. eednasnaus

    Shelf life of hay

    Hi guys! I wanted to ask if how long is the shelf life of an Oxbow Timothy hay, hay blends or orchard hay or any hay in general. Since we have no fresh hay available here in the Philippines, I want to ask a relative to buy some for me from the US and have it shipped to me via sea cargo because...
  12. Tinychels

    Any recommendations for hay that contains less dust?

    Hello! I've been feeding my 3 girls Oxbow Timothy Hay for all their lives. They absolutely love it I've noticed that it does contain lots of dust, especially when I get towards the bottom, I never finish the bag because of it. They sneeze every now and then due to the hay dust, so I feel...
  13. doodlecountry

    Third Cut Hay?

    I've fed my 3 guinea pigs a variety of hay, from different brands. We started with the Oxbow Blends of orchard and timothy hay. They picked out the timothy hay because they didn't enjoy it as much. Then, we fed them the Oxbow 9-lb orchard hay, but they still picked out some of the "stalkier"...
  14. S

    Hair Loss and Itching

    Hi- I am new to this fourm and I hope you all can help me. This morning I noticed my pig had lost a patch of hair just above her right front foot (not too big but noticeable). I have also noticed she has been itching (or gnawing, she I guess chews on it then pulls, my previous pigs did the same...
  15. GeorgiaHarris

    What hay should I use?

    I want to bulk order some hay from Hay and Straw but I'm not sure which hay to get. They have 3 different types: Ings hay, Timothy and Rye hay and Meadow hay. Does anyone order from here and have any reviews/preferences?
  16. Prasiddha

    Can I feed my piggies - Bermuda hay

    Hi friends! Like you guys know I live in India. We don't get thimothy hay in surplus here. I was buying itonline in amazon till date. But it was already costing a lot for me since it was being imported. I had initially two which increased to 4 and now I have 8 piggies. I was providing them...
  17. S

    HAY HELP! Timothy or Alfalfa?

    Hi! I’m looking to get a couple of guinea pigs soon and have done a lot of reading! There’s so many different opinions on what the best type of hay is to give them. What do you guys do? I am moving soon and will have a small garden and no lawn so I’ve looked into getting grass trays and having...
  18. Suki&Indie

    Hay Problem!

    So for the past few years ive been using alfalfa king timothy hay (11.36kg bag) but when I went to order some they were all out ! I looked at other sites but it was out of stock there too. Anyone know where to get some or something like it? All I need is for it to be nice (green, not dusty)...
  19. Jesse's pigs

    Genuinely Nice Surprise

    Went to Pets@Home today to get another 1kg bag (I think lol its the biggest one they do) of Timothy hay. I know it's not the best value for money (actually think they messed up as the sign said £6.99 and I paid £4 something :whistle:) but Mo loves it and Steve has been on it since I got him...
  20. JuliaBear

    Using National Geographic Hay Topper?

    Hi everyone, I've noticed recently that my un-neutered male guinea pig (~3yrs old) is pooping out smaller poops with one tapered end. I'm reading that probiotics can help digestion. I came across this product: National Geographic™ Nutritious Topping Timothy Hay Small Pet Food | small pet Hay |...