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  1. hayleejes

    Bonding advice

    Hello! I have 3 male Guinea pigs and I’m looking for advice on their housing/relationship situation. First of all, I’ve got two together and the third pig is by himself (right next to the other cage, they still interact!) Two of my boys have been together from the start, over a year old now. One...
  2. cheesesteakmama

    what’s your piggies favs?

    hi! newer owner, just getting recommendations. my piggies have both loved lettuce so far.
  3. Jesse's pigs

    I hope this helps someone in the future

    I wanted to share this tip because I’m not sure if it might help someone else in the future. As you know, my beloved Steve has reoccurring episodes of bloat. It’s been happening now since the start of 2020 and has been a battle ever since with me trying to catch the episodes before Steve goes...
  4. Jesse's pigs

    I feel like I’m doing something wrong

    As the title reads, I feel I’m either doing something wrong or missing a trick 😂😂 is it just me that seems to go through a mountain of hay daily or is it normal? I only have three piggies (two boars in one cage) and my other boar in the other cage AND yet I throw a bag full of hay away a day. I...
  5. Jesse's pigs

    Water bottles

    What do you guys put under water bottles? Mine don’t drip massively but tend to drip for a bit after the piggies have had a drink leaving the bedding a bit damp. I use towels for their bedding with piles of hay and a microfibre bath mat down one end which I change every 2 days and recently I’ve...
  6. wheek!guinea

    shy guinea pig

    I have 2 boars, both almost the same age by a few weeks. I got Glacier when he was 3 months and Koji when he was 5 months. Glacier has always been outgoing and not afraid of loud noises or people approaching him, he's curious and gets a lot of zoomies. Koji is the opposite. Even if I approach...
  7. K

    Need Some Advice for a New Pig Owner

    Hey everyone! I have two piggies. One is about 3 months and the other is about 5. They were hesitate to like each other at first but are now the best of friends. They do everything together. I got the 3 month old first and didn’t get the second until after she was off of her medicine because I...
  8. Alexemond97

    One overweighted guinea pig and one normal

    Hi, I have two boars who share together everything. They eat at the same time and there is no fight. They eat about the same amount of food. However, one is 1050g and the other one is 1400g. I would like my big boy to lose some weight but I don’t want the little one to be even more skinny. Do...
  9. Jesse's pigs


    Hiya, My partner has wanted to start keeping fish for a while but has never taken the leap ...probably because of all the tanks/species etc available even I've found it a bit overwhelming. I kept fish years ago so I must admit I'm just as much a novice. His birthday is coming up and I'd love...
  10. KaylaT4403

    My Guinea Pigs won't let me pick them up

    So I've had my piggy wiggies for about a month now c: (Penelope and Luna) And I've attempted to pick them up and they kinda just scoot away and run away. I wanna pick up Penelope because she's been popcorning and constantly mounting so I want to make sure she is okay and completely check if she...
  11. D


    Hello! So, recently I had a gerbil that passed and to I guess comfort me, my dad decided he was going to get me another animal I wanted. After looking over stories of different rodents, I said a quick no to hamsters after I saw a lot of stories of how aggressive they could be, and I felt wrong...
  12. Streaky

    Tips To Keeping Guineas Warm Through Winter

    Hi, I have recently moved my Guinea Pig into the conservatory due to the cold weather during winter. I was just wondering if any of you piggy owners had tips/ tricks to keeping your guinea pig warm and how to make sure they get some sort of exercise when it’s too cold for them to go out. Thanks!
  13. WheekWheekPigge


    I get really worried about my guinea pigs. I was wondering if anybody had tips to calm down after you get super worried or freaked out?
  14. SeaSalt_Vinegar

    Which Room Should I Put My Guinea Pigs In?

    Hello! SeaSalt here! I am getting ready to adopt guinea pigs, but I have a slight issue.... Where should I keep them? My bedroom is large enough, but I worry about them being noisy at night. My mum suggested the laundry room, but I worry it will be too noisy and scary for them in there. I've...
  15. Dana95

    Fleece Bedding Tips

    So I was thinking of switching my boys to fleece and I've read pretty much every article about using fleece as bedding and I am sure they will love it. I am writing it here, because I would love to hear your tips if you're using fleece, or maybe even if I should use it at all(did it work for...
  16. Ariangel

    Hay Poke

    hello :D I was looking at some stories about hay poke and I was just wondering.... What is hay poke? What do I do if my pig has it? How do I prevent it? Thanks :D
  17. Atalia

    Health Checks

    I would like to ask for tips and learn some information on health checks! (Poorly enough I was unaware of what it was until a couple weeks ago.) When I bought my pigs from a pet shop (unaware of rescues at the time) they did not tell me anything of their needs and requirements. So I went off of...
  18. Atalia

    Fleece And C&c Cages

    Hi! I would like to make a different changes for my guinea pigs. As you can tell from the title I would like to switch to fleece and possibly get c&c cages. If any of you use these feature for your guinea pigs. Please leave me suggestions, pros and cons, and any tips! I would like to hear it...
  19. Gus&Gibby

    New Guinea Owner, Help&tips

    Hello! I am new to owning guinea pigs. I've had everything under the sun and this is my first time having guinea pigs. Last week I got a male 2 month old guinea pig and named him gus and today I got another 2 month old male guinea pig from the same place and named him Gibby. Now I have been...
  20. Parnassus

    Clearing Bladder Sludge Effectively

    Hi friends! I'm feeling heartsick tonight. My sweet Whistler has been diagnosed with bladder sludge. It's my first guinea pig with sludge! So, I'm convinced she's just more naturally gifted in developing it than others. ;D I could use some advice, even if it's just to keep doing what I'm...