1. Kerrie74


    After having a chat with @helen105281 she suggested I make a thread and try and get some advice/opinions on Snow's tumors. Snow is about almost two years old, he's been pretty healthy apart from a couple of colds, my adult son Aidan picked him up the other day to have a natter with him as he...
  2. J

    Spindle Cell Sarcoma

    Hello Everyone - Does anyone have any experience with this type of tumor - spindle cell sarcoma - in their piggies? My sweet boy was diagnosed with one today. It was removed last week, but will grow back. I'm curious to know what types of treatment people have tried, and just generally what...
  3. VioletandLilith

    My Guinea Pig Has A Tumor

    Almost a year ago I got Violet from a pet store because I instantly fell in love with her. They told me she had been given to them by someone who didnt want her anymore and her cage was extremely dirty (they had to scrape all the poop off the bottom with a gift card) and her nails were overgrown...