1. HeatherW

    Snuggle Tunnel

    I finished making my piggies a snuggle tunnel today and it seems to be a success! Jasmine is the first, as usual, to try it out. It remains to be seen whether she will "hog" it and I'll have to make a second one for Pickle. :D
  2. walnutandpeanut


    i want to make a tunnel for my piggies what can i make a tunnel out of besides fleece and cardboard?
  3. RJade

    Cardboard Tubes

    i have quite a few tubes in with my guinea pigs, they're one of their favourite things! But they've been ripping the inside to pieces, I'm finding lots of ripped bits about the hutch. I'm just worried about them eating it and if it has any adverse effects? Cheers!
  4. Eloise&Winnie

    Hideaways And Toys Vs. Open Space (in Cage)

    Hi there! I have two female guineas that are almost two years old. I use a large open dog pen (similar to a large dog cage with no top) and have pee pads and fleece on the ground for them. The cage is slightly smaller than the average C&C cage. Anyways, I'm wondering: What is more important...
  5. R

    Caves And Tunnel Recommendation

    Hello, I'm looking for advice on caves and tunnels for my guineas. What is the general pros and cons against using composite houses, tunnels, and accessories in a guinea habitat? In general, I would prefer a more natural habitat of grass can twig constructed hideaways, but they tend to absorb...