1. Isla&Steve

    Is he going to hurt his teeth?

    Hey, I feel like all I talk about is Kronk and his tunnel and I’m sorry about that but I’ve been worrying about something and didn’t want to sound silly but I think I just have to ask. Will the boys hurt their teeth chewing on the hay tunnel? The sound that it makes when they’re chewing on it...
  2. Lizzieejoyce

    Tunnels vs Runaround Space

    Hello you wonderful bunch! Is it better to put multiple tunnels in their hutch or fewer so they have room to run around? My 2 are in their pen with lots of tunnels/huts during the day. At night they are put into their hutch which has a ramp in the middle going up to the upstairs ‘bedroom’...
  3. CandECosies

    Cande Cosies Are Back (hopefully For Good)

    Hi All, Hope everyone on this fab site are keeping well and obviously that includes all their piggies as well :) As some of you have been aware, we have been away ... back ... away ... back now quite a lot over the last 18 months due to pregnancy, family member passing, giving birth and moving...