1. N

    Guinea pig raspy breathing and twitching

    Hello, My guinea pig is always very active and running around. He gets very excited for his veggies and eats his hay and drinks his water. But this morning he looked sickly. He was not warm he was kinda cool. He also does not like to be picked up at all he always runs away and very hard to catch...
  2. E

    Guinea pig suddenly twitching

    Hello all! I am very concerned about my pig, Mr. Stinky, and was hoping someone would be able to help. Yesterday I had to travel 7 hours because I’m moving back to school, and stinky came with me. He was in his carrier, which is a bit small for him now seeing as we got it a couple months ago...
  3. L

    Clicky breath and twitching, please help!

    My guinea pig has suddenly become very sluggish. She’s been hiding in her room all day, I decided to leave her alone but do my work next to the cage so I could check up on her. About 40 minutes ago her breath became heavier and I could hear a clicking sound. So I took out her room and had a look...
  4. F

    Twitching, Irritated Gp

    I’m a bit concerned about one of my boys. He seems to be very irritated and sensitive when stroked. Usually when I handle him he is ok for a little while but after 15 minutes or so if I try to touch him he really flinches and twitches. He is behaving like they do if they have mites but with no...
  5. W

    I'm Really Worried

    I got my first piggy (Nymeria) 5 days ago on my birthday and, even though she's a bit of a nervous one, everything has been fine. Yesterday, while buying things for her, I decided to get her a friend. The baby piggy is around 2 months old and was very calm at first. After I introduced her to...
  6. C

    Hind Leg Paralysis/loss Of Movement

    Hi there, I'm really worried about my pig, ginger. She's not been herself for the past few days now. I took her straight to the vet when I suspected something wrong but I'm not convinced they're diagnosing the problem correctly. She seems dosy and very sleepy. She is sitting in one place...
  7. S

    Young Gp: Paralysis And Twitching, Seen Vet, Advice Please

    Hello, Our young boy GP Bob is very poorly. He was limp with his head tilted on one side so we took him straight to the vet but tbh the vet was a bit baffled. He has had a Baytril antibiotic injection and is on oral antibiotics and critical care food via syringe. His back legs appeared totally...
  8. S

    Piggie Twitching When On A Pillow.

    So I'm sort of a new guinea pig owner. Ive had my little guy for a few months now and I'm LOVING it! But, he's been sick quite a bit. I had to get him checked up because he had the beginnings of a URI. (He's tons better now!) Although, he still twitches his head. Well, I've made him a nice...
  9. SazzaG96

    Emergency Vet!

    Hi Guys, So me and the Guinea pigs have had a very stressful day. Archie was diagnosed with a URI and is now on antibiotics but today Han in the evening starting falling over, eye twitching and tilting his head to the right continuously. I was very worried as Han usually is running about...
  10. C

    Please Help, I Dont Want My Dexter To Go

    My Guinea Pig Dexter Is coughing and trying to throw up. This happened last time with my old guinea pig bates, who passed away rip, and now he's twitching ! Please help