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Hind Leg Paralysis/loss Of Movement

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Chloe Louise

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Jan 31, 2017
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Hi there,

I'm really worried about my pig, ginger. She's not been herself for the past few days now. I took her straight to the vet when I suspected something wrong but I'm not convinced they're diagnosing the problem correctly.
She seems dosy and very sleepy. She is sitting in one place constantly, facing into the corner and not moving around.
Her wee smells strong too.
She's lost her appetite a bit but is eating small amounts when I try to feed her.
The vet has given her a course of antibiotics for a possible urinary tract infection.
However, I have also noticed that she is having trouble with her left leg. It's like she loses the ability to move/use it at times and is sticking her bump out when she walks. Earlier she was so off balance that she couldn't walk straight and could barely use her leg at all.
She also seems to twitch a lot which isn't something she normally does although I don't think it's anything to do with mites.
Can anyone tell me what this is most likely to be? And any treatment?
I've been reading up about possible health conditions such as deficiencies in vit C and calcium, or arthiritis but don't really know for definite what it is and just want her to get better. I'm so worried about her


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Mar 15, 2016
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Zürich, Switzerland
Hello and Welcome to the Forum.

Sorry to hear that Ginger is not very well - you sound like a very caring owner who knows her piggie well.
I think you are right - it sounds like the vet you saw does not know a lot about guinea pigs.
If you update your profile to let us know your location people will suggest local vets who are know to be good with guinea pigs.
There is also a vet locator a the top of the page where you can search using your postcode.

How old is Ginger?
It sounds like she may have had a stroke. Can you try and get some film of her twitching and walking to show the vet?

I think the best thing you can do right now is try and find a vet who has experience treating guinea pigs and have her seen again as soon as possible.

Good luck - I hope Ginger is feeling better soon.


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Aug 10, 2009
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Hi there , be careful if the vet is not knolageable in pigs he may well
Surjest p t s as an easy way out !
Hind leg peralasis can be caused by several things , and in many cases
It is reversible ! Ask vet to x ray to see if there is any fracture of ant sort , lf not then gentle masarge to the affected area is generally all the treatment required this stimulates the blood supply !

Some may suggest an old Peter gurny treatment that involves putting the pig in a few inches of
Water ! But if the cause of the condition is somthing like a trapped spinal nerve then the often
Frantic moments of a pig in water could make the condition a lot worse !
Some times a cortisol injection /s may be helpful, it depends on the type of problem !
Treatment may take a wile , and patince is required ! But as i said gentle massarge is none invavsive and probabaly your best option,
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Jul 5, 2014
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Wigan, UK
Hello and welcome to the forum. Sending lots of healing vibes for your poorly pig x
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