1. P

    Nose looks blocked?

    I came home today and I noticed that there seemed to be something one of my piggie's nostrils? It looks like a white liquid, and then the whole nostril looks blocked. It looks pretty wet too but nothing's actually falling out of her nose. Her and her sister have been sneezing but I've heard...
  2. S

    Yellow and fat tooth

    I’m not sure why his tooth is this way, it happened a week after he broke off both of his top teeth.I can’t afford going to an exotic vet and I’m not sure how serious it is, the web is very confusing because I couldn’t find any information on this.If you know what’s wrong with Charlie, Please...
  3. P

    Please help - loss of appetite and bloating

    My pigs are getting both Doxycycline and Baytril at once. I know giving cisapride with Baytril is fine, but is it still fine to give cisapride with both Doxycycline and Baytril? Also, this is a separate question, but on the Doxycycline it says "Take with food", but i can't give one Piggie...
  4. E

    Thick layer of crust covering vagina?

    My little piggy has gone through alot. I think she's like two months old? Unsure. She's a problematic albino. She had gotten surgery on her eye. And while doing the surgery she was accidentally burnt on her stomach near her vagina. She had since healed from that but it has definitely left a bald...
  5. G

    My Guinea Pig’s Paw is Bleeding!

    Hi! I’m the owner of two guinea pigs. Patches (the older one) and Carmal (the younger one). So I came in to there cage to feed them their veggies. I then noticed Patches paw was red. At first, I thought it was just his coloring. So I fed Carmal his veggies. I also noticed that Patches didn’t eat...
  6. Yaswinn

    Bloated and scared guinea pig

    Good evening, my guinea pig had bloat (not 100 % sure, since gassy and bloat are very similar in my mother tongue) just recently and she hasn't recovered yet, but she's bloated again. I did the mistake and fed her with a syringe, quite violently, and now she doesn't want to eat at all. I've...
  7. Hollyxxx

    Problem with eye

    I discovered today my guinea pig ozzy, who is almost 7 now, has something wrong with one n of his eyes. It has turned a bluey colour with a white spot in the middle. He normally has black brown eyes. There was movement of the white dot occasionally but it seems like he is unable to see out of...
  8. Celine298

    Dramatic weight loss and blood in pee...

    I was on here a while ago because my boar Sunny was spotting what appeared to be blood in his urine. I went to the vet and they said it could be anything from a UTI to an internal cyst, but because he should no outward symptoms of discomfort or changes in his behavior it was a mystery. Fast...
  9. B

    Help please!

    Hi , My guineas name is Hendrix , he’s 3.5 years old and I can’t really explain how scared I am for him. Right now I am going through a bit of trouble financially. I just had enough to get his teeth & nails clipped this month, not enough for a 100$ exam like I know he needs. They didn’t give me...
  10. Incredipigs

    Help! - Bleeding from the bum

    So I noticed yesterday my 5 year old guinea pig, Charity had some kind of abcess on her cheek. Today she is heavily bleeding from her front bum. The blood is bright red. I can't get her to the vet until Tuesday. My grandma reckons she is having a baby. There is a chance she could have been...
  11. B

    UGRENT: dog got to Guinea pig

    Hello, my dog Panda was unattended and my mum was supposed to watch that he didn’t get to my guinea pigs but failed - Morgan is fine but Panda was chasing Bumble. Bumble got terrified, naturally, both my mum and I searched him for injuries but he seems to have no visible damage, although the...
  12. MissGpigQueen

    Guinea pig scared of storm.

    Ginger has been sat on my knee shaking during the thunderstorm. I have given her food, places to hide, talking reassuringly and petting but she is still scared. She has never experienced a storm like this before. Any suggestions on how to calm her?
  13. S


    I found that my guinea pig pee is leaving this white compound , I am observing it from 4-5 days and today it's little gritty too , what could it be? Help?
  14. Z

    *** should I get a rabbit ? *****

    Hi , I’ve just lost my hamster a while back and even though I couldn’t ever replace him I’ve been looking into animals that could kinda fill the hole . I looked at guinea pigs and now I’m looking at rabbits . I’m not sure what small animal to get but I’m really concerned on how much rabbits...
  15. P

    Urgent: Please Help My Guinea Pig

    My guinea pig is very sick and I can't pay her vet bills and I'm very scared she will die. Could you please donate? Thank you so much. It means the world to me LINKS REMOVED BY MODS. Breach of forum rules
  16. Speedy Piggie

    Loose Tooth!? !urgent!

    Hello! I'm quite a new guinea pig owner so i don't really know what to do!? Basically, my guinea pig has a loose tooth. Whilst the other tooth looks shorter.. 1st of all, I am scared that my guinea pig's tooth is broken, cause this Youtuber has had a guinea pig with a broken tooth and that obv...
  17. Griselle

    Help! Guinea Pig Bloated?

    So, I have had Shadow for over a year. Oreo and Shadow have never had problems with lettuce nor tomatoes. Today as I was changing their cage, I noticed Shadow looked extremely bloated, but Oreo did not. I have always fed them timothy hay, but today I ran out, and had to wait for my fiance to...
  18. J

    Pink Urine And Soft Stools?

    I just noticed that my guinea pigs urine seems to be slightly pink. I changed her bedding this morning and it looks like shes gone quite a few times since then, but they seem to have a slight pink tint to them. Her stool is pretty soft as well. Its also almost tear drop shaped. Shes not acting...
  19. A

    My Guinea Pig Has Bathroom Issues?

    Hello! My little guinea pig Chili is about 5 years old now, & for the past three days we've noticed he seems to have a big bathroom issue. I was cleaning his cage, and I noticed there was literally no poop, and then all of a sudden there's just a giant ball of poop in the corner where he was...
  20. Mishatoe

    Will My Guinea Pig Be Okay Breathing Paint Fumes?

    My mother painted the living room and will be painting for a few days. My piggy is in my room which is connected to the living room directly. At night, I'm not allowed to close the door so the smell is coming in. Will my guinea pig be okay? I have my window open and my air purifier on as well.