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uri infection

  1. sonnie!boy!

    Guinea Pig breathing funny possibly URI

    Hello , Been really worried , :help: in the last 24+ hrs my guinea pig sonnie has been breathing in and out quite rapidly. he's sides of he's abdomen are like popping in and out every time with a constant jolting motion like he cant perform a normal breath. I took him to the vets and they...
  2. A

    URI recovery

    Hi all! Recently my guinea pig Gingerlily has come down with a URI. I was quick to act and booked in a vet appointment the next day where she was given an antibiotic jab which lasts 10 days and an anti inflammatory. She picked up an appetite and began to act normal that night, however seemed to...
  3. greensn

    Recurring Uri?

    Sorry in advance for the long post. I just want to be as detailed as possible. My guinea pig Stewie is a 1.5 years old albino male. I work at Petsmart and he was one of the "isolation pigs" who lived there from August 2016-April 2017. Finally my manager let me adopt him. He was isolated for...
  4. Julie M

    Mojito Is Poorly. Uri

    I've had Mojito at the vets tonight as he's not himself today. His breathing is fast and he has a crackle in his chest. The vet gave him antibiotics and an anti inflammatory infections. I've also put him in the carrier with the steaming solution f10 too. He's not eating too great so I've...
  5. Raefire

    Uri Symptoms / Allergies?

    So, I adopted 2 guinea pigs about a week ago, and the bedding they came with causes dust. I understand that dusty bedding is bad for guinea pigs, but I didn't want to stress them out even more by cleaning their cage and replacing their bedding in less than a week. I'm cleaning their cage later...