1. F

    Specialist Sore eye

    Hello! Long time lurker, but first time poster. I hope you lovely lot can help. My beautiful girl, Blossom, a dark eyed buff short hair, has been struggling with what I thought was conjunctivitis for a few weeks now. I’ve been treating her with Optrex Infected Eyes (chloramphenicol) but it’s...
  2. asian piggy

    peeing blood?

    I took my two piggies, Bruno and Ace, out for floor time and they were absolutely mad wheeking and popcorning. However when I took them back to their hutch and started putting back their hidey’s I noticed in one of my fleece hidey’s there was a rust coloured pee stain on it. I’m not sure if it’s...
  3. AdamFrench

    Blood From Bum And Weight Loss

    Hi, I'm wondering if you could help.. Our guinea pig Belle had lost a little weight over a few weeks (50g) then stopped losing it, never gained it back but hadn't dropped any lower. Usual behaviour, very vocal and eats LOTS! We woke up this morning with blood on her fleece where she had...
  4. S

    Uti And Constant Whimpering Noises

    So sad and worried about my boar George. If he is passing blood, that he has been since Friday with the UTI, does this mean that he is passing urine? He had a vet visit (Wednesday) for straining and being off colour and no blood in pee, but some protein. Given Baytril (I now know that this is...
  5. MJG

    Help! Is This Sign Of Uti

    Hi guys , this morning I went to change the puppy pads under where my hairy boy sleeps and found a large pinkish stain of urine ? Just wondering f this is a UTI or oxidised urine? If any one has any opinions or advice I'd be most greatful! I did a health check on him this morning , he's eating...
  6. NoodlesRosemary

    Pink/red Pee?!?!?!

    When looking around my piggy's cage I saw red/pink bedding. I realize that is blood in her urine. She went in her igloo and peed again, and there was blood in her pee again. I realize that most commonly if there is blood in the urine it is a UTI. Is there anything else that it could be? Is...