1. Fiona1987

    Vegetable and fruit ideas.

    Heya everyone, Just after some suggestions really as I seem to have a very fussy 5 month old guinea pig. She eats hay and her pellets with no problem but when it comes to veg she will only touch lettuce, kale and a bit of spinach and in little quantities. She won’t seem to touch anything else...
  2. Ssalter05

    7 week old sister pigs fighting after vegetables

    Hi i have recently got 2 7 week sow pig sisters (Luna & Solaris) and every time after eating their vegetables they start squeaking alot and rumbling at each other. I have had them for a week and they sleep together and are fine otherwise. It is just after they eat. They are housed in a 6x2 c&c...
  3. ashleemelda

    Vegetable Alternative

    I recently decided to start following the sample diet guide by Wiebke, which primarily meant adding a full green bean and small piece of celery to their daily diet. Initially, they both took these vegetables very well, but within the past couple of days, Rose seems to no longer enjoy green bean...
  4. ashleemelda

    Questions After Vet Visit

    I've posted on here several times (so very sorry!) about having taken my girls to the vet on Monday, December 2 in large part due to the fact that the frequency of their poops had gone down significantly. They were prescribed Bactrim (SMZ-TMP) to take twice daily in case it was the start of an...
  5. ashleemelda

    Piggy Travel Anxiety

    Last week I made a post about how my family and I will be taking my two guinea pigs, Moira and Rose, along with us from Virginia to Illinois for the holidays, as there are no boarding facilities nearby and the people I would trust to watch them also go on vacation. It is an approximately 9 hour...
  6. G

    Picky Eater! Help!

    Hi. I have two boars. Patches (older) and Carmal (younger). Carmal is good about eating his veggies, but his favorite is green beans. Patches on the other, is a very picky eater. He will only eat green beans, and, if I’m lucky, corn. This is probably partially my fault. This is my first time...
  7. oofitsnaomi

    Can these foods be fed to piggies daily?

    Hi! Great news, it's confirmed that I am adopting two male guinea pigs! You can view their in depth profiles here: For Adoption Their favourite foods are Strawberry tops, mango pits, carrots, parsley, dandelions, and cucumber. Can these foods be fed daily to piggies? I am currently making a...
  8. HeatherW

    Feeding Fresh Fruit And Veg

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and have a question about feeding fresh fruit and vegetables. What is the right amount in a day, and can you overfeed a guinea pig? I know it's not possible to overdose on vitamin C and shouldn't feed sugary foods like apples and carrots too regularly, but...
  9. G

    How Do You Do A Pellet Free Diet For Your Guinea Pigs?

    Hi everyone I’m new here and I was wondering if maybe someone cab help me on this topic. So I have 4 male piggies they were all adopted and ever since I have them they have been on a low calcium diet. So they get a cup of low calcium veggies each everyday, unlimited timothy hay & oxbow adult...
  10. Lil3piggies

    Vegetables And Nuggets!

    Hi guys! I've read a lot about how much guinea pigs should be eating of veg and nuggets but I've read a lot of different things so I'm a bit confused. Vegetables What food can they eat daily? And how much veg should they be having each day? Nuggets The nuggets that I have suggest 60grams...
  11. Hannah Nicole

    Teaching My Piggies To Eat Vegetables

    I have 2 male guinea pigs. They are 5 weeks old. I've tried to feed them them veggies but they just don't get the point they normally just sit on it. I want to teach them to eat the veggies but I have no idea how to at this point
  12. bruceandwillis

    Low On Nutrients/picky Eater

    Hope I'm posting this in the right place! I'm new to the forum. I rescued my third little man about a week ago from my local SPCA. He's a year and six months, unneutered, and seemingly very healthy, with his weight being around 3 lbs. However, in his time being here, he's turned his nose to any...
  13. Jade Smith


    I brought these today thinking they were specifically for guinea pigs, do you think they would still be ok? Could I also have some recommendations on treats and fruit/veg do them! X
  14. Medina

    Veggie Troubles! Need Help To Replace Some Things...

    Hello! I'm still new here so please be patient and pardon any ignorance hahaha So I adopted this super cute piggie from a rough situation. His whole life, he's eaten only one handful of timothy hay and half a carrot daily - that's it! I'm not sure how old he is, so I don't know how long he's...
  15. PlausiblePiggie

    What Veggies Should I Ve Feeding?

    Hi, i am a new guinea pig owner and have had my 3 guinea pigs for about 2 weeks now (they are around 7 months old). Of course i have done lots of research beforehand about vegetables to give guinea pigs but i had not found how much and how often i should feed each type of veg and thought a...
  16. Amy-Louise

    Overweight Piggie - Diet Tips Needed!

    Morning all! I am new to this forum - but it has so far provided me with a lot of help with various questions, so I thought I would join up! My piggie, Daisy, has been given antibiotics by the vet a few days ago, and whilst I was there the vet said she needed to lose some weight. I have...
  17. Poppy_and_Daisy

    Is Black Kale Okay For My Guinea Pigs

    Is black kale okay for guineapigs to eat? I know Curley kale is okay and but not sure on black kale. I've tried researching it and there is nothing on black kale! Don't want to give them something g that isn't safe for them to eat!
  18. Ocelot

    New Piggies - Food (especially Veg) Advice

    I have two new young boys, we've had them for 48 hours. I've done tonnes of research about what to feed them and I'm finding it frustratingly conflicting. I've got the same dry food they've always eaten and they are eating a bit of that. Also same meadow hay, although I can't tell whether they...
  19. shujuju

    Veggie And Food Questions

    I have looked at lists for edible and non edible foods from but there is a couple foods I'm worried about. Would it be ok to give them fruits like apples and tomatoes 3-4 times a week? (2 days of tomato, 2 days of apple) or is this too much? should I just do 1 day of tomato, 1 day...
  20. 3cutepiggies

    Vegetable Amounts Daily Advice Please :)

    We have 3 guinea piggies and feed them fresh vegetables 3 times daily. I was wondering if any of you have any advice on the portions to feed them e.g 1/2 bell pepper (between the 3 of them) for one meal time. All suggestions/advice would b greatly appreciated! Thank you :D